Saturday, April 3, 2010

Your Opportunity: Q&A Me!

It's your opportunity. You can ask me any questions you want. Put them in the comments and I'll answer them there. Let's see what you can learn about me, my theories, my take on things, my advice, my influences...You dream up a question, I'll answer it.


  1. What has been your most exciting experience, that has proved, without a doubt, there are ghosts.

  2. When did you know that you were psychic and how do you do your readings ? Do you go by feelings or do you use tarot cards ?

  3. Hey Gail;
    I've written about this before in the blog and it's one that really struck me hard and actually started my desire to learn more. I'd experienced a lot of residual haunting activity and some strange levitation incidents and seen some weird things, but this one incident at the age of 14 when we were preparing to move west was so horrifying that I'll never forget it as the single best proof of hauntings that aren't residual.

    One day when my father and brother were looking for a rental house in Arizona and the reality of the move became real, my mother, oldest sister, and myself were home alone. We sat in the breakfast room on one end of the house having lunch and discussing how we hoped they'd find a house with a pool since swimming pools in Northern Virginia were a rarity in private homes.

    A huge crash send us running through the house to the far side music room where what we saw made absolutely no sense and to this day gives me shivers. In fact, I was so hysterical that I was begging and crying to sleep in a hotel.

    The house didn't seem to want to let us move and I was taking it's cue after this incident. In all my years there, I never took incidents to be directed at me, but this was so violent and so unexplainable that I no longer felt safe there. In fact, for weeks leading up to this time, boxes unpacked themselves, objects were found in weird places, a few ceilings spontaneously caved in all at once, wallpaper curled on the walls, but this did it for me and my logical mind.

    We had set up in the music room a tv tray. Those old-fashioned ones with the folding legs that clip into the tray. On top of it we had a huge pickle jar filled with pennies and paper rolls. We'd been stacking the pennies into stacks of 10 to put them in the rolls. Across the room, about 12 feet away, an oval painting of my mother's uncle in WWI costume was fastened to the chimney. Well, the picture with its glass cover was now underneath the folding tray face down and unbroken. The tray had come out of its clips which cannot happen without lifting it up and out of them with a snap, the legs splaying out, it had fallen atop the picture. On top of the tray, the stacks of 10 pennies were perfectly aligned. Not even slightly shifted from place. We studied it, shaking our heads and looking around us.

    I slept in one of the carriage houses that night. I was too scared of the house. After that incident, more happened and escalated and the other haunting features of footsteps and voices were louder and more urgent than usual.

    I still look back at that physical impossibility and want to know more.

  4. Seniorita;
    Good questions. I've had the ability my whole life. It's like if you lived in a world of people who couldn't smell but you were always smelling things and you figured everyone else can smell them too and then one day you find out they don't know what the heck you're talking about. I thought everyone could touch an object or a person and know things about it. As a child in our big old haunted house, I would dig up relics constantly. We had a metal detector and I'd go find things and clean them up and put them in the display case. I'd stop and tell my mom excitedly about the person who had the object before. Great detailed stories. My mom would laugh and say I was creative. I figured she must have been right and that creative people have stories about everything. Well, I didn't focus on objects anymore and I grew up and as an adult, a friend let me borrow her leather jacket and I began to tell her things about her boyfriend that I shouldn't have known. Apparently, he had just borrowed it from her. I realized it was a real talent. I hadn't heard of psychometry before and knew nothing really about psychics. I figured all psychics just read minds. I didn't know they retained other's memories. That's what it's like really, I touch something, hug someone and if I open myself up to the connection, I get flashes of their own memories inside of me. I also retain the memories forever. If I did a read on a stranger's watch 20 years ago, I can still go into his childhood home and see his family members and remember the emotional connections as if it's through his eyes, so I don't really read anymore unless I'm at a haunted site and want to know the best place to find the action or if someone I care about has a concern. I'm hoping to start a business this summer of putting together jewelry from found parts that have a very strong emotion connected to them, adding some gemstones to amplify that emotion so that the common person can feel them too. I think everyone can feel the emotions from objects, they just aren't aware they're doing it. One day in an antique shop, touching things and deciding if they like the object or not is probably the best example of that use. Hope that answered it for you. Oh, and I don't use any scrying devices like tarot cards. I can get feelings as well as visuals and then what can only be described as memories just like when you recall the first day of school or something from long ago. You have certain memories of the players and how you felt about them and some of the parts of the event but it's choppy. That's what it feels like exactly.

  5. Do you credit your spiritual gifts & your predilection for sleuthing into the parapsychological realm with your having Sámi ancestry? ~ (•8-D

  6. Anadae (still can't figure out diphthongs on my laptop!) You know, my grandmother from Lapland apparently had the skills and my aunt (her daughter) had them too. I think of it as a combination of ideal situations: Sami/psychic blood, being born dead and revived 4 minutes later, and being raised in a 250-year-old home that was used as a Civil War Hospital and the ability to touch all the relics when they'd been in the ground for a very long time. I probably could have had skills without psychic blood because I think everyone has the ability, but I might not have recognized them as familiar to me at such a young age if I didn't have the bloodline. You hear a lot of times about psychics not realizing their talents until a serious illness or near death experience but mine was always there and I never thought it was weird. I honestly thought everyone did it and didn't talk about it. I'm still shocked that people aren't seeing and feeling these things when touching objects. That's probably why I'm very focused now on finding objects with a very strong emotion associated with them and enhancing it and letting people wear these items and feel it too and know what it's like to have this ability. Once they tap into it, I believe they're recognize it when they have those feelings inside. I want psychic skills to be for everyone--I absolutely believe we all have it, we just all digest it differently.

  7. happy easter and i love the haunted garden post! i really liked reading all the comments on this one too!

  8. Thank you for answering my questions. I have been told that I am intuitive, but I don't think that even comes close to being psychic.

    I haven't really had any contact with the spiritual world, or direct contact with the deceased. the only person I feel I can communicate is with my grandma who passed away 4 years ago, but it's not direct. It comes in feelings.

    Sometimes I think it's better that I don't see or experience anything paranormal.

    You must feel a lot of responsibility, and I wonder if people hound you all the time for questions or are afraid of talking to you in fear of you seeing bad news.

  9. Senorita;
    Being intuitive is a great thing. It means you get subtle cues about feelings and sometimes impending bad or good times for others. A lot of people think psychics are like the woman portrayed on the show "Ghost Whisperer" and they see and talk to ghosts directly, but psychics will tell you, it's not so much actually seeing the person as if they're right there, it's more like recalling them, like when you recall a favorite teacher from long ago. I did have a few people who hounded me a lot to help them make their life decisions based on my readings and I told them that, while I'm willing to read what's going on in their lives and their pasts, I won't delve into their futures. I admit that I do have prediction dreams about airplane disasters and natural disasters that come true ahead of time, I don't think we can do that with people. Events like that aren't as liquid as a person's daily events. I could know that a plane is going down, but I can't tell you that you will be on that plane, so reading a person's future isn't really possible. They change the events that lead up to it every day. Simply talking to them about psychic readings can change it. The future has fixed events, but who is involved with them is changing. It's that "wrong time/wrong place" scenario people talk about. It could be any one of us who falls into a bad event, starting with what we ate for breakfast that morning to which route we took to work. I refuse to read people's futures. At the moment I read that person, I could be reading the future they're headed for now, but what if tomorrow their husband dies and that path changes? Yeah, it's a weird and fickle thing. I usually suggest to people to start doing online psychic testing daily to figure out just how they get answers right and wrong to learn what their body and mind feel when they pick the right choice. I go to and do it regularly. A lot of times, I breeze through it if I'm in a hurry and it shows. Other times, I stop and take the time to learn more about how my body and mind feel when I choose the right card. You can actually hone your skills that way.