Monday, April 26, 2010

Tour an Abandoned Hospital

I like this one. It feels like I snuck in with a gang of teens and am exploring a world that no grownups rule. I love abandoned places, as ya'all know. I love the part where he looks down at the auditorium seats and you realize that what's so fascinating about abandoned places is that post-apocalyptic feeling when humans no longer inhabit the world they created. It's like a hollow shell without a beating heart... a body without a soul...a sleeping corpse...


  1. Abandoned places are also amazing for how they evolve and, though disowned, they are not unowned. Ownership of these places has gone back to all things primal.

  2. Yes! Exactly! I'm writing a horror novel and the team goes into an abandoned prison and the forest is reclaiming it like a sea monster pulling it down under the waves. I love that imagery of the vines pulling and tugging it under. p.s. How's the ankle, pal?

  3. If you want to see a real scary haunted hospital you should have a look a this true case in Spain (Englsih captions)