Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today's Adventure!

Ginny (my ghost hunting buddy) and I took off into the desert today. The opening scene shows the roadway--on the right side of the road in the distance, we're driving towards a dust devil. We went to an abandoned trailer park in the desert near the railroad tracks and filmed. I found some great objects for my future Etsy business creations. It was very disturbing and very cool. The wind kept blowing the metal siding and the squeaking swingset...

(Watch Friday's blog posting--should have another issue of LAUGH--the series that pokes fun at TV ghost hunters. This time it'll be Josh Gates taking them hunters on a ghost hunt at Eastern State Penn!)


  1. Very very cool video Autumnforest!!! I loved the music you chose to go with it -the highway and the abandoned places you filmed reminded me so much of last month when my brother took me to my aunt's funeral in Texas- we passed a lot of the way thru New Mexico - he didn't go the "Flagstaff" route and I am so glad he didn't - I don't know what it is about me that loves old and abandoned things -but I would have given anything to have had a vid recorder or even a cheapie camera for some of the areas in New Mex that we saw-it should be so sad in a way I guess- but to me it isn't - it is interesting - I always wonder "who lived here" what were their lives like" all the things like that - I subbed you on You Tube and I will fave this one -I am supposed to be going on a "date" this early am and am nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof haha- first one since Nando -I hope my nerves don't cause me to do something spectacularly "funny" (only not to me:-) all the best in the world to you and your wonderful family !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. An interesting video of that ole' trailer park. Not much left there, but a whole lotta junk and memories from those who used to live there. Why has it gone? What made the people that lived there leave? There has got to be a reason.

    You gave me an idea. Maybe I should start taking some video's of places that I snoop around in. Will have to borrow my Brothers Digital Video camera, cause I don't have one.

  3. Dev;
    My baby brother...You have a good time. Just be yourself and you will be well received!

    Hey Corker;
    It's weird. We looked it up and found the place was owned by a man who bought it 5 years ago and these trailers have been there longer than that. Some of the ones that were there completely fell down and were no longers standing. We have a lot of theories about the place. It's strewn with possessions but what's very odd is that all the trailers are filled from floor to ceiling with stuff. We wondered if perhaps it was being used as a place for stolen things to be stored. It's super creepy. I got my flip cam from NewEgg online. It was 119$ on sale. It's the best buy I ever made! It's like a cell phone in size and shape. You just turn it on, hit a button and it's recording. When you're done, it has a USB jack on the side and you plug it right into the computer and the program on it asks you if you want to make a movie and you drag the scenes into the boxes and it makes it. Then, it asks if you want to use music or not and give it a title. When it's done in a couple minutes, you can load it right up to YouTube. It's crazy easy and that's great for me, because I am not super technical when it comes to gadgets.

  4. Really cool video. I really enjoyed it. And great music to go along with it.

  5. Hey Mary;
    I'm learning from my son how to import my own music so I can make my videos more like "me." I can't wait to start videotaping with a song in mind.

  6. Sharon, you take great videos. I love the addition of the music. I have noticed that you are definately a multitasker, being able to drive and shoot the video at the same time. I love that you caught a dust devil on your way there and the abandoned trailer park is pretty cool. Nice job!!!

  7. Hey Julie;
    I really have to learn to treat that thing differently. I tend to walk around and whereever I turn my head, I turn the camera--makes me a bit dizzy to watch, and then I kept picking up stuff off the ground for my crafts, so it was kind of crazy. Alex is going to teach me to put my own music to it and I want to be able to use cooler songs that I love so it has more of me in it. I wanted to use "Every day is a winding road" by Sheryl Crow, but couldn't figure out how to transfer it. The next films should have nice soundtracks. I love that camera! That crazy dust devil showed up at just the right time. The only problem was I was a bit far away. I had just darted into the shoulder of the road at 70 miles and hour because a truck retread snapped off in front of me, taking up my entire lane. I was filming at the time. I think Ginny believes I'm a crazy amazing driver. I have good reactions and am always alert--perfect driving record, not bad! Especially when AZ drivers want to try and ruin that.

  8. Hey Autumnforest - that trailer park would definately keep me occupied for an afternoon, making up stories about who lived there. I'm heading to Sedona in the fall for a vacation - any ideas of cool places to explore in that area?

  9. Hey Heather;
    You'll definitely want to read this post

    It will tell you more about that trailer park than you can imagine! It's become a mystery to my family and I, just wondering how all that stuff ended up there.

    Sedona in the fall--it's soooo nice! For about the past decade I've done a girl's weekend there in the fall and we go nuts! We usually arrive and go to T'laqupaque which is a beautiful Spanish-looking outdoor mall type of design that is exquisitely beautiful. There's a really good Mexican restaurant in there. They also have a good microbrewery in there. Eating outside there is soooo beautiful. There's strolling guitarists and tons of syncamore trees and you feel like you're in another world. There's a super place for lunch called "The Hideaway" and it's up above the creek in the trees and you can sit outside and be in the tree tops. Yummy food too. There is also a UFO cafe there which is a blast. UFO's are a big thing in Sedona and everywhere you go, folks will talk about them. Across from T'Laquepaque are a couple of "woo woo" shops. The one on the left has the best aura photography place so if you want to get an aura photo--they do good readings of them. We usually go in one at a time to get our pictures and then sit together in the room during the reading to hear each other's. There are a lot of activities there from drum circles to laybrinths to sage cleansings and jeep tours. There four vortexes in Sedona. I suggest the airport one. It's the easiest to get to and it also has the best feeling of all of them. When you take the airport road, you go up the hill just a little ways and there's a dirt parking area on the left. Just pull in there. Usually the stone at the entrance to the hiking trail has offerings on it. People leave all kinds of things from coins to notes and such. If you follow the trail a little bit, you can see that someone's put a medicine wheel on the ground--there's usually others hiking around to find it too. The medicine wheel looks like a giant wheel made of stones with a center wheel and spokes. If you sit inside of this, it's quite empowering. Some people sob. Some people laugh joyously. The woo-woo shops all over town have lots of flyers about activities going on and there's so much to do. I personally hope to go on a UFO sighting expedition next time I go. It's a ridiculously UFO active area. All in all, I can tell you that if you're sensitive at all, the first 24 hours you'll have a headache and then it'll go away and you will feel like a clean slate with no past, no future, only present. It's a very weird sensation. Talk about being renewed! If you go online ahead of time and check out the calendar in Sedona and look for psychic businesses there, you'll find a lot of stuff online listing what they're doing during that time and workshops and stuff. It's all good. If you have a car, I suggest you drive up Oak Creek Canyon. The colors will be changing, it's gorgeous and as you drive up it near the top, there's a lookout point. Pull off and enjoy it. The tribes have tables and display and sell their gorgeous crafts and jewelry. The wind hits you from the canyon and you can look out over the red rock. I just love it. I have to go at least once a year to renew myself. My friends and I leave feeling like completely new people.

  10. Thanks Autumnforest - great insider tips! I definately looking forward to beautiful Sedona!