Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Week's Paranormal TV and Horror Movies

Weekdays suck, so lets get right to the important stuff—escapism. These are the “cures” for each evening this week.

AMC Channel: “The Bone Collector” and “The Stepford Wives”
SyFY: Marathon of “Ghost Whisperer” show

AMC Channel: “Silence of the Lambs”

Disney: “Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out?” A tween makes friends with 2 friendly ghosts (come on, admit it, you sometimes watch this channel!)
Travel Channel: Repeat of “Ghost Adventures”
SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” Ghosts in the attic—looks pretty cool!
“Destination Truth” Going to Jordan for Ghosts (supposedly good evidence) and looking for the lizardman – can’t wait for this episode!

TBS Channel “Twister” movie
Spike Channel “The Hills Have Eyes” movie
AMC Channel “The Ninth Gate” movie
Travel Channel “Ghost Adventures” repeat marathon

AMC channel “The Shining” movie
History channel “The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth” special

(Don't forget on Friday, when you're ragged and ready for the weekend, read my Friday post, another in my "LAUGH: Ghost Hunters" series poking loving fun at TV's ghost hunters. Teaser: This one will involve the ghost hunters before a scientific panel to prove the existence of ghosts with their "evidence.")


  1. thanks for posting these, makes it easy for me.
    paranormal tv has kinda sucked lately.

  2. Did you ever see The Stepford Husbands? It was soo funny and horrible. I did get a laugh! I do admit I watch Disney. And I like Truth or Scare.

  3. Sandra;
    I agree--it's in that awkward time between shows right now. To me, Destination Truth is THE show, so I'm cool as long as I can watch Josh be outrageous in creepy places.

    I didn't see that but I know I'd be laughing my head off. Sounds like an interesting concept, though, especially if you can program your own husband...