This week in horror movies and paranormal tv

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SyFy: “Ghost Whisperer” marathon

History Channel: “Ancient Aliens” (2 hours) Special about ancient visitations by aliens.

SyFy: “Ghost Hunters” This is one I’m actually FINALLY excited about. They better come through. They advertised they will get the most amazing evidence ever. A Massachusetts home with loads of activity. This will actually be the first episode I’ve watched all of this entire season.
History Channel: “Monsterquest” Episode about the Sierra Bigfoot.

SyFy: “Skeleton Key” movie followed by “Stephen King’s Desperation”

Travel Channel: Repeat episodes of “Ghost Adventures”

Yeah, paranormal TV and scary movies are rare right now, probably because the programmers know that there’s spring fever in the air and no one wants to sit still. I promise it gets much better by June.


  1. I finally got around to watching that Ancient Aliens episode I had DVRed. I liked the original documentary they did, but I wasn't that impressed with this one. I think they may have been better off just leaving the original documentary as a stand-a-lone. In that one, they threw enough information out there about the mysteries to make you wonder, but I thought they were just starting to get silly in this new one. I think they are starting to stretch things a bit to far now. I think the people interviewed are a little to certain that the aliens must be aliens traveling around in nuts and bolts spacecraft with fancy advanced 'technologies'. Sure, some of the stuff they brought up is mysterious, but I don't think it's proof that aliens in nuts and bolts craft came here and then just left after being here for a while. In some cases, their explanations just raise other questions. I think they think they are thinking outside of the box, but I think they are just thinking in terms of modern sci-fi.

    I'll probably still watch the next episode though.

  2. Hey Jeff;
    Yeah, I'm curious to see it. I was a HUGE freak for Chariots of the Gods long ago and it impressed me a lot at the time, though over time it's had me questioning it, but I think if I saw these references in person, I might be able to take the ancient drawings and such and put them in a context that might make it seem feasible or completely ridiculous. I'm always up for more evidence.

  3. It'd probably be cool if you could visit some of those mysterious ancient sites like Puma a little psychometry and see what you come up with.

  4. Jeff;
    I have to tell you, I get into so much trouble. My desire to touch things and other humans too gets me into trouble, but dogs sniff things to find out what they're like, I have to touch them. I went to an egyptian mummy museum opening--very fancy affair, full length gown and champagne and all the snootiest folks. I went into the exhibit while people were dancing to the godawful band playing "Walk Like an Egyptian" and I wandered through the display and my hands went right onto the case hoping for a glimmer. I got such strong vibes and the guard came over and pulled me outside. Oops!

  5. I think it will also get better by June - I still do not have cable and am thinking of getting it-just for the ghost shows alone - (and History channel) but there is a trunkload of DVDs I can't wait to rent involving the horror genre - I hope they are good - I have some wonderful people to go by with you, Michael and Julie!!
    all the best to you big sis!!

  6. Hey Dev;
    Can't wait to finally meet you in May! Wahoo! I'll be able to give my baby bro a hug! Out of curiosity, do you still have a VHS player? I'm clearing out my VHS collection, let me know and you can have them.


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