Sunday, April 18, 2010

This week in horror movies and ghost TV


Travel Channel “Mysteries of the Smithsonian,” followed by a few repeats of “Ghost Adventures”

Discovery Channel “Weird or What?” episode "Strange Survival" Killer ice rains from the sky, self-propelled rocks and instances in which severed feet have washed ashore are investigated in the opener of the documentary show.

“Ghost Hunters” episode “Inn of the Dead” in Cape Cod. Following that...

“Destination Truth” Will have its season finale!(I will be going through a brief grieving period so bear with me—weaning off of Josh and the gang is harder than it would be to go off meth) This episode looks for restless spirits on Easter Island—awesome! And flightless birds thought extinct in New Zealand. Wahoo! The drinking game for this show has become taking a drink whenever the team takes a new form of transportation (yes going on foot counts too).


FX channel “The Day After Tomorrow” movie followed by the movie “Armageddon”


The week overall is fairly lame—everyone has spring fever and stations know that from April into June, no one’s gonna be watching, so they tone it down. It should pick up with new seasons of fav’s in June, so keep it together until then.

NOTE: If you missed the latest installment of "LAUGH: Ghost Hunters Prove Ghosts" look at last Friday's entry. I plan to have one this Friday too. I think I might put them in therapy... I'm considering it.


  1. I loved your previous post. I had a triquetra tattoo on my downside of the wrist, in Mabon. I love it.
    But lately i have been feeling that someday i will have another one. Not sure what, where and why, but i feel this is not my one and only tat.
    By the way, i have a silly crash with Bruce Willis.

  2. I have to say that I'm not a fan of Destination Truth at all. A lot of people love that show and I don't understand why... Josh and co. never find anything!!!

  3. Georgina;
    A lot of people get that feeling that one tatt just wasn't enough. I'm glad you're waiting to really think about it.

    I just adore Josh's sense of humor and the silliness of the show. You'd probably like my "LAUGH" series when I poke fun at Josh. I don't expect them to find anything so much as going to places no one else has access to and just having fun with it. He travels a lot like I do, just having loving fun with it.

  4. I will be grieving along with you about DT's season finale. I will miss the antics of Josh and Tearm Truth.

  5. Yeah, Julie;
    I suppose we have another season of Ghost Adventures, GHI, GH Academy, Paranormal (Paranoid) State and perhaps Ghost Lab coming up, but DT just provides something I hunger for--locations no one else ever gets into, remote, creepy, and cool with a side of goofiness. It's so over the top that you have to love it. Kind of like Ghost Adventures--those guys are just fun to watch and not for any particular ghost hunting worth, but for just putting three buddies into scary places and having them scream and taunt. I used to take the ghost shows so seriously, but over time I realize that there is nothing of value happening on reality TV, but I can at least see places I've never gotten into and laugh at their antics.

  6. yeah, sounds pretty boring. i haven't heard of "weird or what?"

    i too like josh's sense of humor, he makes me laugh. it's just crazy to think that they travel so far and go through so much and never get anything. (as far as the cryptics) they have caught some cool paranormal stuff.

  7. Sandra;
    Yeah, I'm going to check out that show on Discovery. It's on before GH and DT, so that means 3 hours of setting my ass down in one spot--not easy for me, but I'll manage. No doubt, I'll be editing my novella while I watch. I was thinking the other day about how many frequent flyer miles Josh has and how cool that'd be, but then I thought--damn! If I flew on a bunch of 13-hour flights, I'd never want to use frequent flyer miles--I'd just want to be at home for a while. I just love the places they go, the stupid ways they try to get there, and the darkness and the creepiness. Those towns in Chile with the cemetery, Chernobyl, the Great Wall--I just want to experience it as if I were there and they do that. I feel as if I'm one of the silent team members (the one that doesn't scream all the time)

  8. i'm always tense watching Josh and his team. not because of any supernatural; i always want them to run into a ghost. but because of running into some wild animal and attacking them.

  9. Sandra;
    I'm with you. It's on a matter of time before one of these guys ends up in a foreign hospital. I do worry for Josh, though. He takes the most risks and he's not really in the best shape he could be in to do the things he's doing.