Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'd like to thank MarZel at The Play of Light and Shadow for this award.

Hopefully, I will be able to take the time to pass this on to 15 other bloggers I admire. It comes with it instructions to name 7 things you may not know about me (jeez, are there any? I have diarrhea of the writer's hands)...

1. My childhood nickname was She-She Whookee Nuts Push-Push Marsidose Maboohi
2. I don't like potato chips or french fries.
3. I'm a medical transcriptionist (as a job).
4. I'm so giddy and energetic--I need no caffeine or alcohol to be goofy and spastic.
5. I have a monster crush on Adrian Paul (the TV "Highlander")
6. I think all men driving jeeps are hot!
7. I've never been to another country (wah--crying like a baby).


  1. Congrats.....nice to know more details about you. I did suspect that you didn't need coffee or any caffine drinks to get you going, lol. Check out my blog changes.

  2. Can't wait to see them! Yeah, you don't wanna see me on caffeine. People say I live my life like every day might be the last. That's kinda my motto!

  3. You have definately earned this. Your blog is wonderful. You're a medical transcriptionist? Really? I'm so terrified of meeting medical transcriptionists, like they might be the ones that have to transcribe my blubbering, nonsensical dictations and know how much of a fool I can make of myself. You have a very hard job. I am amazed you have the energy to do anything afterwards!

  4. Hey Jessica;
    I easily type 100 wpm so it's a breeze for me. I have a mind for medical knowledge that baffles me and everyone who knows me. I should have been a doc, but I wanted to have a life. I did enough caretaking while growing up. I do a lot of psych cases too and they're my favorite dictators actually. I'm even great with Middle Eastern accents (most docs in AZ), but I can't get Hispanic accents worth a darn and I live in the Southwest. Hee hee. I'm sure I'd have no trouble with you. My ears are trained to understand what is mumbled at me and since I know enough about medicine, I know how to focus depending on the diagnoses enough to know what drugs or treatment they're prescribing. It's all about context. Oh, and that wonderful line an ER doc told me when I started out... "When you see hoofprints, think horses not zebras." My first day transcribing the doctor said "The patient was 97% on room air" and I heard "The patient is 97% on rumair." I spent an hour trying to find out what this exotic "rumair" was. Hee hee

  5. Congrats and HAHAHAHAHAHA! "diarrhea of the writer's hand!" I prefer to think of you as Speedy Fingers though. Doesn't invoke such a messy image!

    And your "rumair" story...cute! I had to transcribe for my first out-of-college job. Sucked at it! (I type fast but listening to a mean radiologist and trying to type at the same time wasn't happening. I'm a do one thing at a time kind of gal.)

  6. deserve it! Great learning more about you!!

  7. congrats again Autumnforest!!!!!!!!
    I so admire your natural energy and talent and exuberance!!!!!!! hell it takes me about 2 pots of coffee anymore before i can even think about being energetic:-)

  8. Congratulations!
    Jeeps, huh? Commanders count? ;)

  9. Hey Dev;
    Yeah, I'd be a killer wakeup alarm clock. I'd jump up and down on your bed and sing a happy song until you show signs of life. Then, I'd excitedly tell you what you're going to do with your day. Hee hee.

    Hey, it's technically a jeep so technically...