Monday, April 26, 2010

Spiritual Karma and Ghost Hunting

You’ve seen the taunting teams on ghost hunting shows. You’ve seen the boring teams that rattle of questions like tired cops in an interrogation room. You’ve heard them whine and plead and threaten to leave or promise to leave…

But, does any of this do any good???

I truly believe in my experiences in ghost hunting that intentions are critically important. I’ve been in large groups where some folks were praying, pleading, prodding and threatening. Might it work that you could piss off a ghost enough to make him react to your taunting? Nope, not really. Of course, getting oneself worked up like can make you emotionally sensitive. Have you ever been in a fight and someone’s silence or just the way they look at you makes you more pissed off? Getting worked up has an amazing effect, from increased heart rate, blood pressure, sweating, acute senses, hyperventilation…

You ever seen a dog chase his tail mercilessly???

Can you remember a time when taunting and drilling made you give the tormenter what they wanted? If someone taunted you into doing something, didn’t you dig your heels in deeper and resist? If your parents lectured and questioned you, didn’t you become more quiet?

There is something in the field that I’ve learned, respect, reverence, tenderness; all gets you good responses. Shooting the breeze, small talk instead of questioning, some laughter, a little talk about yourself to make you real to anyone listening, all provide results. You’re trying to make friends with something very shy and you’re a stranger. Do you remember bringing a new dog home and having to speak gently, pet it excessively, and assure it in a soft voice that it’s welcome in its new place? It’s not only effective, but your true nature shows through. Dogs can tell good people and bad people, scared people and aggressive people.

The spirit world has such senses, as well.

I did a post not too long ago about how to become a ghost magnet and the principles are still the same. What you send out comes back to you in dealing with a spirit realm. It’s spiritual karma. You can’t be afraid of the other side and you must be open to show your true character. Do not team yourself up with people you have issues or resentments with because that kind of tension shows through. If you’re having depression or anxiety issues, you are likely not going to be attractive either.

Spirit activity will show itself to those who are carrying a light from within and that only happens when one is letting everything go, being childlike, open, curious, patient and tender.

You’ve probably tried the grilling with questions, even pleading and bargaining and sometimes taunting. Give this a try. Sit down, get comfy, chitchat, be curious and give some of yourself so you’re not a stranger. I promise you, the response will be something quite amazing.

That’s probably why a lot of people encounter ghosts in their homes when they are most receptive, unsuspecting, and just being themselves.

It will come to you when you are open.


  1. People (live) gravitate towards those that are good listeners. I don't see why spirits wouldn't do the same.

  2. That's very good advice. Whining, questioning, lead nowhere.Patience and tenderness will get responses from spirit activity.

  3. It does seem like TAPS questions have been like they are interrogating the ghosts for a crime. Even the ghosts are not amused. We had the best luck when we were laughing and having a good time. They seemed to respond to that. Besides, even I can't stand whiners!

  4. Julie;
    I suspect our hunt in May will be quite the success. The four of us women are tender-hearted, intuitive, and psychically powerful, so we really should be a ridiculous ghost magnet combo. Besides, even a ghost like a good joke now and again.

  5. I say piss the ghosts off .
    I think it would make for great television .
    I get amused by the attempt .

  6. DS:
    Hey, that's why I'm a huge fan of Zak Baggy Pants and the Scooby Douche Gang, purely for entertainment. For the purposes of a private hunt, however, this method really does provide more results.