So, you want a ghostly encounter?

NOTE: You might also want to read a previous post I wrote about how to be a ghost magnet.

I have only met one or two people hunting ghosts who have not had an experience with a ghost that prompted the whole search. There are still some who love all things ghosts, but have yet to have a personal encounter. Those are the people I want to focus on in this post.

The interesting thing about most encounters with the paranormal, they’re serendipitous. Even ghost hunters have no guarantee on any evening they’re going to have something happen (look at “Ghost Hunters” lame episodes). You know the old saying about watched pots never boil? So, how are you supposed to have this amazing incident that will forever change your life and your views on the afterlife?

By upping your odds and skills.

Well, let’s look at the conditions in which others have run into the paranormal.

1. In the bedroom
2. Home alone
3. Silent places
4. Old historic buildings with tragic histories
5. Haunted tours
6. Haunted hotels

What do people who experienced the paranormal have that others are missing? Well, let me put it this way; if you’re spastic, noisy, hate the quiet, can’t stand to be alone, hate dusty old places, and keep your mind so busy you can’t think about one subject, you’re not a good candidate. You are going to have a very hard time capturing the nuances in the environment.

I’ve been in a room with others on a ghost hunt where only a couple people heard something or maybe just two people saw something, yet we were all in the room together. It’s subtle; it requires noticing changes in your body and the environment like temperature changes, hair standing on end, goosebumps, feelings of being watched and changes in the lighting.

If you meditate, you will be a great candidate for a ghostly encounter. The fact is, these incidents can be happening and you never pick them up because you’re not slowing down and tuning yourself in.

To start, try sometime just sitting at home alone with no TV, no lights, no air-conditioner running. Just sit and be in the dark. Do this a long while, studying the light coming through distant windows, listening for the sounds your home makes, just slowing down your whole system like a yogi master and feeling all around you with your senses to notice what changes. We consider ourselves to be limited by the confines of our body, but we reach out much further than that and encompass our environment as well. I always say the human body is the best ghost hunting equipment and most reliable compared to the gadgets we run around pointing at the air. You’re learning to feel yourself within an environment so that you’re a team. It’s something most people ignore all day long to get through crowded buses and office spaces and other boundary-imposing situations. In the case of running into ghostly phenomenon, you must probe your environment.

You are also developing your skills of intuition. Intuitive people tend to be able to stop time (not literally) long enough to capture shifts and changes. It’s an animal-like instinct and it’s crucial for knowing where to be and what time to be there to witness something.

You want a better chance of having a paranormal experience? I suggest you book a room at a haunted hotel. Be sure you pick one that isn’t in the downtown city where noise and lights are going to confuse you. If you bring a companion, let that person know your plan to experience something paranormal. Folks ask me all the time, “what about amulets or other attracting devices?” Honestly, the same things that meant something when they were alive will mean something when they have passed on. Try and leave out your jewelry and change on the bedside table. Scoot the alarm clock as close to the bed as you can get it. Wait until other guests have settled down. Hunker down in the bed, but don’t lie down or you’re likely to fall asleep. Lights out, but keep the bathroom light on and the door just barely ajar to see changes in lighting. If you have shades, close them on the windows, but don’t draw the curtains unless that’s your only option. You can see something moving in front of shades easily by the changes in lighting. You really don’t have to do anything more than ask if someone is there with you. Now, wait.

Giving yourself even more of an edge, you might consider going during stormy season or checking the geomagnetic activity for the day and be certain there’s some sort of storms going on. You can check daily here. If you want to be sure you have ideal geology, you might consider going to one of the “hot” states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky or a mining town.

The simple fact is that most of us live in modern homes in modern lifestyles and even go to bed with the TV on timer. We don’t get or appreciate any downtime in which we aren’t multitasking and on the cell phone with the computer running. Except for those brief moments falling asleep and during the night, we simply don’t get the chance to check in with our world and see what’s happening and changing, so we often miss a great deal of cues that the spirit world could be producing.

NOTE: A lot of folks get their first encounter with the use of a Ouija board. By now, most of you know I'm amused and entertained by Ouija but I do not have any personal belief in demons, Satan or the concept of evil as an entity. So, that being said, I still don't think a Ouija is a good idea for the simple fact that people are highly suggestible by nature. What you get using a Ouija board can have more to do with psychic abilities and reading others in the room or total nonsense than any sort of spirit interaction. I don't think you can talk to the spirit world that way and I think that most people have a religious background that can really screw with their minds and 10 years, 20 years later, they're still remembering that time they played with a Ouija and attributing all kinds of downfalls thereafter to having used it. So, for one's own good, just don't play with the silly game board.

Let me know if any of you have questions or experiences so I can refine my instructions.


  1. Thanks for the informative post for those of us that have never been ghost hunting. :)

  2. Don't need any tools, just your body and senses--and a good location. Hope you get to have an encounter--it really does open a whole new world of questions and wonder.

  3. i would love to have an encounter. but not alone, that may freak me out. i think i would be ok if someone else was with me or as part of a group.
    i do want to try and stay in a haunted hotel someday.
    i personally have had one encounter and that was the ball of light i saw in our house. i was a very young child and i remember being entertained by it and not scared at all. i guess i'm glad i didn't exprience all the other stuff that happened in that house.

  4. Sandra;
    That's really an impressive encounter, though. I know what you mean about a child not knowing any different. I saw things levitate twice as a child and both times I figured it was just like the wind or gravity or any other natural phenomenon. I wanted it to happen again because it was so entertaining.

  5. that was really informative. I guess my only encounter was as a child in Ohio under the 'ideal' conditions you listed. (altho' I didn't know that then). A baby brother had just been born and was in the room next door to mine and my brother's. I woke of a sudden, sweating, and saw hovering in the door, a tall white thing with no face. It would not come all the way in, but just stood there moving ever so subtly, then it would go into the new baby brother's room completely. After a time, it would return to our room and so on. I was petrified and I was good and awake so this was no nightmare. I finally gathered enough courage to race to my parent's room when the 'thing' was in the baby's room. I obviously looked suitably terrified--enough to cause my father to jump out of bed and move quickly to the baby's room. Of course, he returned saying that nothing was there but I remember him looking carefully at me--he knew I had seen something and never once said, "you must have been dreaming". I never saw the apparition again but it sure was one hell of an experience!

  6. Pam;
    What an intriguing encounter. Your father seemed to handle it well, though. Depending on a child's age, there's different ways to show concern. I would suspect there might even be a bit of the "sight" in your family so what you saw was not that surprising to him. I'd probe your father's side of the family, but then I'm a detective by nature. If you had a deceased grandparent, that would be one of my guesses, an arrival of a loved one to witness the family and its changes, perhaps a little connection with the baby so there would be a line of open pathway there for life.

  7. Definately very good advice especially for those of us that have only been on a couple of ghost hunts. I can't wait to see you and Debe in action and hopefully at the Globe jail.

  8. Hey Julie;
    We have different ways of doing a hunt. I think Debe is more old school. I incorporate the new tools and use a good deal of psychic insight to just know where and when. The key for a lot is becoming a ghost magnet. Jeez, I should have attached that post's address to this post--think I'll do that. I am going to see if Debe can talk to the guy ahead of time. They usually only open it on the weekends, but they all love her, so maybe we can get something going in the jail. I'd like to hit the cemetery before sunset too--maybe get some Dale shots. hee hee

  9. That's good advice on the Ouiji board -- regardless of what one's opinion of it is. Whether it's spirits or suggestibility, it can either open a doorway to something bad or make people think a doorway to something bad has been opened. Either situation is reason enough to stay away from Ouiji boards.

  10. I haven't had an experience and I'm not really looking for one. I figure if it happens, it happens. But this has been quite informative.

  11. Hey Andrea;
    Good attitude. Some folks just feel the need to have personal proof. If I hadn't had so many experiences in my lifetime, I would be begging it to happen so I could see what everyone's talking about. It really changed my life growing up around that kind of phenomenon and searching for it and finding it ever since.


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