Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Zombie Movie Coming Out

Opstandelsen Trailer (english subtitles) from Jawbreaker Productions on Vimeo.

This Danish zombie movie looks interesting. It's called "Opstandelsen" (Resurrection). I have become an enormous fan of all Nordic-made horror movies of late. Since discovering the genre, I am fascinated. They make horror the way I would want to do it, but they seem to look at the genre the way I do. I haven't been this excited about a horror genre since the 70s Brit classics. So, I'll be keeping you apprised now and again of ones that catch my eye like "Dead Snow" and "Sauna" and "Frostbiten." Keep making them my Norse family--I'm very proud to say I'm a Thorvaldsen of Norway.

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  1. Thanks for this Autumnforest!!
    I am always looking for a new genre to follow- and I haven't seen any Scandinavian horror movies- I tried to play the trailer but for some reason it didn't let me - probably me :-)
    all the best in the world to you and yours!!!!!!