Monday, April 26, 2010

My Cemetery Evolving

Well, I put in the statues, defined the area with little boulders, let the vines take over and ground cover. Now that it's grown in, I plan to put the headstones in next and age them really well and then find some short wrought iron fencing and maybe a way to hang lanterns for light so when I take the laptop out at night to write my horror stories, I can have the cemetery alit next to me and enjoy the atmosphere. I'm digging it to so far. It was a great use of a dark corner where nothing would grow without sunlight and it inspires me when I'm writing to be near something kind of gothic and cool. Next project? I have a dream of making a very large Green Man for my garden. Not sure just how I want him portrayed, but I definitely want do something sculptural...


  1. Thanks Jessica;
    I like that it's evolving over time because it helps to age it even more. I would like to add some more wrought iron features and get the headstones looking very mossy and it should make fo a creepy little getaway.

  2. Your garden cemetery is looking so good. Can't wait to see it in person.

  3. Hey Julie;
    Hopefully by the time you're over her in May, I'll have the headstones in and maybe the fencing. I keep all my headstones and creepy baby dolls inside of Dale's steamer trunks, so hopefully he won't mind...

  4. Very nice indeed Autumnforest!!
    I know what you mean about "Green Man" fascinating history there -can't wait to see how you decide to portray him !!
    all the best in the world to you my friend!!

  5. Hey Dev;
    He is my guy! I was inches away from getting him as a tattoo when I realized the leaf was a simpler and better colored choice for my flesh. I'm contemplating how to portray him and I want him to be large and impressive.

  6. Very nice! Love the vines - they give it a sense of age.
    Anxious to see your Greenman....