Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mass Blog Experiment Results!

Today’s mass blog experiment involved me working on remote healing for some followers who asked for help with certain conditions. Throughout the day I performed 5-minute healings on each person and made a connection that I will be writing about here.

I’d like to keep these readings anonymous, so I will simply write out all the findings for each person without using his/her name. I will also say what time of the day that reading was made. See if you recognize yourself in one of these writings and take note of the #. If you like, you can comment back here or you can write me privately at

Mind you, a lot of them will sound like yourself, but knowing the condition that you had me focus on, you will see specific things that ring so true that they should blow you away. I spent a little time in the connection and was able to get a good sense of each of you in relation to that condition you discussed. I want you all to know that you are even more individual and worthy of my respect than you can imagine. Such a mix of people and yet such common denominators. I truly feel for all your conditions and believe without a doubt that you may not have the cure within you (at least some of you), but you do have the ability to reframe and understand what aggravates it and what alleviates it and how to live with it.

#1. 7:50 am (PST/MST) 10:50 am (EST)
You are not inside your body. You’ve found ways to be outside yourself in different times, different places, focusing on others and only when you go to bed do you begin to feel your body and that makes it hard to sleep. Focus on keeping your head forward and looking to the upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right and then center without moving your head. Do this often. As you gain weight, you will gain a center of gravity. Spend some time each day inside each body part, your right arm, your left arm, your right leg, your left leg, giving them recognition and then working to move them. They will integrate with you when you become present in your body again. Rename the sensations so they are no longer seen as “pain,” “tightness” or “numbness,” but “warm,” “alive” and “excited.” When you accept your body and its sensations, you won’t climb back into your head and hide any longer. Sleep will also be better, as will all the parts of the body work together instead of separately.

#2. 10:00 (PST/MST) 1:00 (EST)
Your mind is cluttered. You tend to categorize and label everything as black and white and good and bad and throw yourself into the mix quite often. Let go of your mind, quit trying to label things by their value, but by the fact that they simple exist; right or wrong, good or bad. That’s the way things are. You can’t control it. Just enjoy the ride. Your body wants to be an athlete. You need to take the energy that is so frenetic in your head and move it to your body. The tension and anxiety you feel is really just energy and energy can be expended. Your body wants to move. You will begin to get fidgety and anxious to move around more and more in the coming days and listen to that signal. It’s leading you away from ill health towards your true self. Your body was really meant to be an athlete. Let it be and the mind will follow.

#3. 10:30 (PST/MST) 1:30 (EST)

Stop comparing yourself with others. What you do is so unique that you stand alone, not just in your craft but in your personality. You don’t need a standard to judge yourself because you are neither better nor worse; more or less valuable. You are wholly unique and should recognize that means the only standard you are judged by is how much joy you get out of the process of creating and not the product. Everything you make is from your genuine self and therefore valid, exceptionally unique, and satisfying to everyone. Smile at your work because you are really a child at heart. Enjoy it with all the drive you have to do it, but do not for one moment stop and compare to others. True designers have no equal, they have only individuality. So long as you have your craft, everything else seems quite inconsequential. Remember how you feel when you’re doing it and go out into the world with a confidence that there is no one else quite like you or your craft.

#4. 11 am (PST/MST) 2 pm (EST)
You have tension in your neck and back and often clench your belly. Breathe in life, breathe out sorrow, regrets, and all bad events that have happened. Don’t let them reside in your body. The body is not where you keep loved ones, it’s in your soul. You are cleansing your spirit when you breathe. Imagine white air going into your nostrils and bringing you life and hope, exhaling gray air that lets go of pain and frustration stored in your body. As you do this, your sinuses will cleanse.

#5 11:30 am (PST/MST) 2:30 pm (EST)
You need to reconnect with the earth, the wind, the water, the sky, living plants, living animals, and your own living-ness. Move outside of your head and spend some time with your feet planted on the earth, admiring the beauty of life. You breathe in pollen and your body recognizes it as life-giving and familiar, it no longer fights it. Just run an imaginary umbilical from you to the earth. Spend some time every day standing on the ground, looking around at all the creations and recall that you are part of the life, that you are more than your mind, that you are animal and human. You have been very analytical and ignoring the life around you for books and written word. No more theory—move on to testing.

#6 12:00 pm (PST/MST) 3:00 pm (EST)
You have faced a lot of things in your life and it’s been a barrage in which you spent more time noting all that was wrong with the world, all that was corrupt, and you’ve turned yourself into a human filter. The bad things you encounter go into your body and yet you hold them there. You add more and more darkness by focusing on the bad things in preparation for what might come. Your personal habits have included adding more pollution into your body until you see yourself as gray inside. Breathe in life and the love that is available to you every day, breathe out the dark particles of everything you’ve had to deal with all your life that was total bullshit and unwanted intrusions. You are not a filter that holds the darkness any longer, you are focusing on the humor, glory, and passion of being human in an imperfect world. Breathe in all the beauty in life, breathe out all the retained particles of the past. Holding them does not make you stronger, but makes you weaker of body, mind and spirit.

#7 12:30 pm (PST/MST) 3:30 pm (EST)
You are the centerpoint. You see your life as so many disconnected commitments and responsibilities that only you can take care of and yet it’s like a juggling act in which you can never look down again or somehow everything will tumble. Instead, see yourself as the Earth and your responsibilities and activities as satellites. They revolve around you, you do not revolve around them. They are held by the gravity of your responsible nature and will continue to circle without interruption whether you change priorities or not. You can focus on one aspect for a time, come back to another one and it will have been in stasis. You do not need to spread all your attention all the time to every aspect. Sometimes, just concentrate on one or two. Remember there will be no crashing…you have your own personal gravity to keep them in line. Delegate, delegate, delegate, especially the little things, like who drives the car or who picks up the groceries.

#8 1:30 pm (PST/MST) 4:30 pm (EST)

No one is going to approve of what you do as much as you do. Do not seek reassurance from others. You do your craft for yourself, not others. Let everything be fluid, let it flow in you and through you instead of bearing down and putting up a force field and resisting all the daily onslaughts, let them just drift through you the tides. Breathing in and out, you let things pass right through you. All the responsibilities, all the needs of others that usually go before your own needs, let those things flow through you instead of seeing them as banging against your bulkhead. You are liquid, the world is liquid, let it pass through you. Do not tighten your jaw and face muscles against responsibilities and resentments. Let yourself be. Let others be. They are not against you, they are with you. It is not you versus them—it is “we.”

#9 2:05 pm (PST/MST) 5:05 pm (EST)
You are a creature of habit and ritual. You have a great sense of humor and charm, but only let a few special people enjoy this aspect of your self. You are very independent, an island onto yourself. Your condition is acute and not so much chronic—that means it was more of sudden onset and painful than a nagging constant condition. You don’t like change in your routine and life and this is holding you back, but you must learn patience to heal and you must learn to see the pain as a sign from your body that you are ignoring the rules of healing. Instead of bearing down against it and cursing it for slowing you down, rename it as a sign that you are alive and your body and saying that right now it takes precedence over day-to-day practicalities and responsibilities. Allow yourself the time to go through the stages of healing and use it as an excuse to break the usual schedule and put your feet up and find some good humor online to cheer you up. Extra vitamin C might help, as well, for healing.

#10 2:15 pm (PST/MST) 5:15 pm (EST)
You are carrying a load of responsibility and yet you don’t feel ready yourself to handle all the adult issues bestowed upon you. You take responsibility very seriously and don’t ask anything less of yourself than “the right thing” which is a moral obligation deep within to never give up. This burden is causing you physical discomfort and the only way to deal with it is to delegate. Let people around you be responsible for their own load. You are not a packhorse. You barely feel you have the skills to take care of yourself and so you are often weak and folding under pressure. You will strengthen your core more when you develop skills to talk to yourself in a more positive way instead of cracking the internal whip. You must become your own friend and defender so that you can let others take their burdens and you take your own. This physical ailment won’t go away until you feel strong personally and independent of other’s issues.

#11 2:30 pm (PST/MST) 6 pm (EST)
You must reclaim the battlefield. You don’t think you have energy, but you actually are extremely wired with energy, it’s why it’s difficult to sleep, why your discomfort in your body is so acute, why your mind is so active. Your body is the seat of much abuse over the years and your mind has taken over the helm and the body is nothing more than a weary warrior. The head can intellectualize, but until the mind and body connect again, that energy in your head will have you analyzing, overanalyzing, lying awake with energy. The body cannot act out the energy you hold inside your soul and so your mind is having to use it, making our head rather weary. Instead of cursing the body for reminding you of its battle scars, see it as the victim to your kinetically enthusiastic soul. Once the body couldn’t be used for the energy, it’s gone to the mind. To use the energy you have in your heart and soul that desires to do many things, see many places, experience many things and do it all once; you should focus it on one single task, one great dream, one do-able endeavor and let yourself be consumed with the inner need to feed this one fire. You have something to give the world and you need to be able to love others, express that love, and accept that love back in return. You may not feel worthy of it, but you are at your very core the most loving person who has forgotten to love the self, as well. You will have happy sleep and happy dreams when you have a focused sense of purpose and value.


  1. wow, autumnforest, this is really neat that you can do this! i was reading them all, & trying to figure out who each one was...i kinda think i was 6...or 9...maybe 1...hell i dont know...but this was neat!
    lemme ask you feel anything, like a draining of energy from you while you do this?

  2. Hey Libby. Your last guess was right. I know how they sound like they could apply to anyone, but when I'm focusing on one issue a person has, I can see how it integrates into their whole being. You were #1. I don't feel draining at all. The best way I can describe it is that I'm with you, but not WITH you. It's like when you have a good friend and you can see how they're doing this or that wrong and how it relates to their whole life? That's how it feels to me. I get a sense of someone's personality and the things that go on in their bodies and minds and then it's so obvious to me where they've aren't integrated and disjointed. The longer I stay with someone, the more I feel I know them. It's not like reading their minds or knowing their thoughts, it's like knowing their personality. If someone said "what would your dad do if he found a lost do?" you'd know what he'd do. Well, I just know what you'd do. Sometimes, I get flashes of images of things you might be seeing around you. A couple of you, I got more visuals on than others. I was in your main room with you in your home where you spend the most of your time and I had a sense of how it felt and where things were around you. Pangs was pretty visual for me for some reason even though that was one person I have almost not identifying connection with so far as-- no blog-- little personal information. I tend to read people better when I don't know them at all because then I don't second guess what I find. Hope it helps. Mostly, I hope it helps everyone to figure out how they interpret ailments and how they can help themselves.

  3. Hey Autumn, I related w/ a few. Which one was I? :)

  4. Hey Kim;
    I know that a lot of them seem to apply but when you consider what I was focusing on for you, you can see that I got a picture of how it all works together.

  5. I have to admit that I forgot you were doing this today. Kennedy was sick and throwing up so I went with Katie to the pediatric emergency care. She is doing better but the next 48 hours will tell. So now I sit here on my couch with my baby laptop, not sure which one is me and realized that my nose is clear and not runny and my eyes are not itching anymore. This morning, I went through a box of tissues trying to keep ahead of my very runny nose and now I'm just a little stuffy. Thanks, for the are so much better than allergy meds.

  6. Julie;
    Well if you felt better from 11 onward, I'm pleased. To continue to feel well, read #4.

  7. Interestingly, I didn't really notice anything specific during the day. However, I did note 9:53 am Central as the first time today I thought about this experiment.

    I would have to guess 9 for myself, based on the description of the condition. But, like you mentioned, I could make a case for more than one.

  8. I had better "air" today than usual.

  9. Jeff; #5

    Pangs; You're right on #9. I hope you take the advice. I can relate. I ruptured my right Achilles and had to have it reattached--talk about frustration. I'm a bundle of energy and enthusiasm and I ended up crying every single day for months because I just couldn't stand depending on others and not running around and doing things. I event set up a rolling office chair in the kitchen so I could still make meals. I'm so pathetic. I can relate.

  10. @eloh; it was the advice--check #6

  11. Interesting...I'm curious, did you get any images?

  12. Hey Jeff;
    For some people, I did get fleeting images. I got an image of you sitting at what looks like a table or desk with a window to your right and for some reason, the click click sound of a clock on the wall. Don't know why. This stuff never makes sense to me. It could have been at that time, could have been a memory of you at some point. I did get the sense that your connection to the divine is really through nature which is probably not the place you would think to find it, but grounding yourself with daily appreciation outdoors will, I believe, help deepen your faith.

  13. Great experiment!! Brigit does tarot cards for anyone who asks... she picks the cards and I write what they mean. This one I never published on the blog but sent an email to the person and found out... it was incredible accurate!!

  14. i thought about the experiment for the first time at around 9:30am.

    i'm not sure which # relates to me. you mention crafting in #3 and #8, but i can relate to #7 and #10

    which one am i and did you get any images with me?

    it's so awesome that you have this gift.

  15. Sandra;
    You were #8. When I first connected, I felt my head was swimming with too many things at once. It felt to me like how I feel when I try to organize too many duties in my head at one time. When it settled down, it reminded me of this pretty strip mall in Palos Verdes we used to go to. Very classy and pretty with palm trees around it. I got a whiff of sea air and then I got a sense of standing in the middle of a room and trying to get my bearings and wait while someone was running around trying to gather up something in a rush. It was like that moment when you take a breath before you go out and do chores. It was a familiar feeling.

  16. OK, very cool, i can totally relate! i just have to say that i literally grind my teeth at night and i wake up with pain in my face, jaw and temple area. i will follow your advice. thanks kiddo!

  17. Sandra, they do have mouth guards that supposedly help the tooth grinders. At the end of the day, I think all that tension shows up in sleep because it doesn't get worked out during the day. Exercise can help you work out the gremlins and also just letting things pass through you instead of bearing down against the onslaught of responsibilities. Just let it ripple through. Be conscious of your tendency to tighten your muscles in your face, neck and shoulders during the day. You'll be surprised if you check in with your body how much you were tensed and didn't know it.

  18. These were fantastic Autumnforest- this is an amazing gift you have!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had no idea you could do this many readings in such a small space of time- although obviously I know nothing about what it is like to have this gift - I saw myself in a lot of these- but I could toss some aside after reading them-and there were only two or three I absolutely knew couldn't be me - was I number 1?
    all the best to you my friend and big sister - fascinating stuff- the part (if i picked the right one) about being out of the body would fit - as I was asleep at this time- when most people with jobs , children etc are awake.

  19. Ok, so I had to think about what you said b/c I was just trying to make sense of the first part. I come back over here and start reading again and said "Holy Sh**!" out loud. lol It didn't hit me what the first part was about until just's my spiritual issues. Seriously...I've been going through a huge stressful battle in my homeschool association. I was talking to a friend about it on the phone today...she and I are trying to come to terms and make sense of it all. I said to her, "Sometimes I wonder if there's a God at all b/c I don't understand how these women could sit here and call us their adversaries when all we wanted was for everyone to be come do they think we believe in a different God than they do?" Well, after thinking about this I remember why I used the word adversaries. YESTERDAY, I was reading our Homeschool assoc. president's blog where she called us her adversaries...then the question in my head was, "Why is everything so black and white with this lady?". Wow! People typically tell me I am very "grey" so I couldn't quite figure out what the first part of what you said meant. Then I realized it's b/c of what's been ailing my spirit...trying to understand people who fight over stupid religious issues...trying to understand the black and white they see and trying to not think those women are evil (black). You honed in on a BIG problem for me here lately that is causing me physical stress and I didn't even tell you about the physical stress. I'm not sure if this is what you were seeing but this makes a lot of sense in relation to what I've been going through. I hope I was clear enough with my explanation...looking back over it I'm wondering if I make sense. lol If not then just ask. lol Then the second part, you were very dead on and I've actually been thinking the same thing b/c my brain is constantly going...never would have thought of being an athlete though. lol That's interesting and something to ponder. Thanks for this...truly amazing Autumn. What visual did you get when you were focusing on me?

  20. Hey Kim;
    I did see a crowd of women around you, but it made no sense, so I pushed it aside until I could make sense of it, but then I caught the black and white thing and I think this pertains even more to yourself. You see other people being black and white, but you do that with yourself even more. You're either right or wrong or good or bad and there's no other criteria within yourself. The stress is that you want to be what people around you expect of you and you can't be the real you. You're not really even sure who the real you is, but if you listen...there's a voice in there that says "this is wrong" or "this is right" and that's the real you. She knows, but she tries to adjust to others' needs. The way you organize your tasks in your head and your sense of responsibility is so overwhelming that you need to work your body out. You feel weary, but it's mind weariness, not body weariness. Food can be soothing, but that's for the mind, not the body. The body wants to move, to walk away from issues, to run away from problems, to jump and move and dance away the stress. You have what I would call a genetic destiny to be athletic, but if you don't honor that, if you use the genes the wrong way, you have a tendency to gain weight. So, if you want to work out the stress and the mind exhaustion, you have to make the body exhausted. The optimal you when you're using your genes the right way is prone to being very lean and muscular. I'd compare it with American Indians how they are athletic when they lead their genuine life and their genuine diet, but when they live like Americans, they gain fast. I also, for some bizarre reason, picked up a visual that made no sense to me, but I'll mention it anyways. It was a mobile or something dangling like a windchime. Not sure which. But, I get a weird feeling it inspires you.

  21. Thanks, Autumn! I have been told all of this before but perhaps this time I'll listen. :-D

    I don't remember feeling any pain in my back during the afternoon either.