Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making a Werewolf: Is It Possible?

A while back, I wrote about whether it was possible to make a zombie. I am fixated on werewolves right now, as I am writing an erotic werewolf novella. So, I started to wonder, what if we took it seriously like I did with zombies and talked about the intricacies of actually making a werewolf. Let’s explore

Let’s look at some conditions that might create a werewolf-like condition:

Ergot poisoning: A condition in which someone ingests a fungus from a rye or cereals. It is one of the theories behind the witch hunt in Salem. In ergot poisoning one gets spasms, seizures, and hallucinations. The fact is, this condition would make someone so incapacitated that they wouldn’t be able to be much threat to anyone, but during their fits, they would appear to be transforming.

Berserkers: Those famous Nordic fighters, were actually warriors who donned the skins of animals and took on their characteristics in fighting fits. That would be mimicry and costuming, but hardly a true werewolf in the sense we’ve come to view them.

Lycanthropic Disorder: This is a psychotic condition in which the person believes himself to be a wild animal, most often a wolf. The person does not actually become a wolf, but he is capable of great violence. This disorder is more about playacting than actuality.

Hypertrichosis: This is an extremely rare genetic condition with only 50 reported cases since the Middle Ages in which a person grows a thick coat for fur all over the body. This person is like anyone else, just hairy. So, this isn’t a real good potential for a werewolf.

Lycanthropic Disorder and hypertrichosis:
Honestly, the closest thing to a werewolf condition that we can humanly reach, and yet the chances of this combination are basically nonexistent.

Gene work: In the future, gene wor might make it possible to mate characteristics of man and wolf. The personality, however, might be more like an unruly child.

I would personally like to see a condition that creates the characteristics of a wolf and the physical transformation of one. The morphing would be truly fascinating. For now, I'll settle for writing about it in my novella.


  1. I'm not sure how he was made, but I'm pretty sure one of my ex-boyfriends was a werewolf.

  2. Testosterone shots or perhaps just some mommy issues? Yeah, I've met a few that I'd categorize, but they didn't have the charming fur and snout, so they were just your run-of-the-mill douche bags. :-)

  3. Genius post, Autumn, I thoroughly enjoyed that. These issues need addressing.

  4. That is an interesting question Autumnforest!! I think there was this sighting in France - hundreds of years ago perhaps?? of something thought to be an actual werewolf - they called it "The Beast of Gevaudan" i think - i will try to see if there is a wiki link or anything to the story - all the best to you always!!
    your little bro in Mesa;-)

  5. Don't know if this will be any help at all Autumnforest - here is the wiki link to the "Beast" spotted from 1764 to 1767 in France

  6. Loved the post. Hee hee!
    Hey, have you seen those poor sods (teenagers with issues) who are running a mock on the internet trying to become vampires. It's funny if it was a joke, but these guys are believing their own crap. I guess if you're an insecure teenager - immortality and good looks sounds like the quick fix.

  7. Jinx;
    I think we always wonder if the magical is possible. I just had to ask the question. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Yes, the origins of the werewolf story did come from a killer long ago. I heard too that the woods and the wolfs held a lot of terror for villagers and those with sheep, so it was natural to create Little Red Riding Hood and other stories involving wolves.

    Those poor vampire kids! When I was a kid, everyone wanted to be a witch of a genie "I dream of Jeannie," "Bewitched." Then, they wanted to be Harry Potter. Now, vampires and werewolves. Someone needs to sit them down and remind them that being a vampire isn't totally awesome. First off, the blood stains on your clothing--a total downer!

  8. DO kids all want to be vampires and werewolves these days? I'm obviously missing out on something. How very disturbing. I must be getting old. When I was a kid I wanted to be a pirate, or Mr. T.

  9. Jinx;
    Considering the usual role models from TV, like perhaps Samantha on "Bewitched" or Mr. T on "The A-Team," I think the other option is to want to be Snookie or "The Situation" from Jersey, so perhaps a vampire or a werewolf is what we should want this generation to emulate--much better life purpose and more intelligence.

  10. The bigger question is ticks ,and fleas they have a problem with it when they become a werewolf ?

  11. DS;
    Yeah, Lyme disease is a bitch. And here's another question--does Vin Diesel classify as a werewolf with mange??

  12. LOL !
    I believe he does ,and what's up with him having one ear smaller than the other?
    There is something evil going on with that guy !