Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kick-Ass Art and Machinery: A Perfect Marriage!

There was Leonardo DaVinci, H.G. Wells, even Dr. Suess; all of them thinking of the mechanically advanced future. This performance art company is one of my very fav’s. “La Machine,” is a French company that specializes in this particular amazing and entertaining art form. It is on my bucket list to see one of their displays live. They are so huge and alive-looking! It’s about as close to a Godzilla scenario as we are likely to run into in our lifetimes. The group was formed by artists, designers, fabricators and technicians in early 1990s and is currently led by François Delarozière, Artistic Director and creator of La Princesse. They are known by its extraordinary theatrical machines, permanent installations, and also its own theatrical productions.


  1. Hmmm. You'll well recall The Chronophage, won't you? I first heard about it here. True, 'tis stationary, but a delight to aficionados of the whole Steampunk aesthetic. The weirdest shite about La Princesse, as the humongous, articulated, radio-operated arachnid is call'd, it walks up the sides of buildings. Tres freaky, that ~ (•8-D

  2. Hey Big Bro;
    Yeah, I love when the spider is up on the wall of a building. I get shivers of excitement at seeing these things, but I was into steampunk when it didn't even exist yet. I'm starting to make some steampunk pieces and I'm so inspired by work like these. I can't imagine what it's like to stand next to one of those huge creations and feel it move the ground and rumble and look so alive. It makes me tingle all over!