Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Excited!

I'm excited because Above The Norm blog run by Julie, one of my ghost hunting buddies, is transitioning into covering a lot of Bizarre Arizona stories. These are freaky and unsettling things about our strange state. She just did a fantastic post on the Gila Bend mummy. You're going to want to read that one!


  1. I'm excited to! I've seen her new site and it is wonderful. She's such a good photographer. I love the new blog.

  2. "I am all about miracles!"
    Some phrases just stick with you and get played and replayed in your head.Do you know the feeling?

  3. Thanks for the recommending my blog; Above the Norm. That mummy story was one of the many you emailed me that I was not aware of. I still have to get the book "Weird Arizona" and read some of those stories. My friend Pam sent me a link to another website on some Arizona stories. I will have to check it out. I am finding out that there is an endest amount of strange AZ stories out there just waiting to be told. Thanks again for all you have done for me. It is greatly appreciated.

  4. Hey Georgina;
    Yes! Every day is a miracle to me so long as I'm my genuine self because I'm about the silliest and funnest person to be doing anything with--I'm just a big "galloping puppy" as my friends like to call me. My motto is; wherever I am--it's the coolest place to be, whoever I'm with--they're the coolest person to be with and whatever I'm doing--it's the coolest thing to be doing.

    I'm thrilled about you covering these bizarre stories--AZ has so many it's hard to keep count!

  5. Yeah, I was scrolling through my blog roll yesterday and came across one of her posts that has the mummy pic on it. It made me jump when I first saw it. lol. I caught up on all your posts...I really liked your Q&A. :) Thanks for the encouragement over on my blog btw.

  6. Kim;
    I love your blog. I always stop and fixate on the blogs that are written by real people with real voices and not pretention. I'm a pretty up-front gal and I really love that in others.