Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Haunted Formula: The Next Phase

Those who’ve been following me for a long time, probably remember my last hot summer in the desert was spent researching 50 haunted places to come up with a haunted formula. I want to expand that formula further with some studies of leylines and geomagnetic activity.

I will be studying ancient astronomical sites and why so many ancient civilizations all around the globe simultaneously looked to the heavens and made stone monuments to track the movement of planets and the alignment of stars. Speculation abounds about the location of these stone observatories and if they were centered over leylines where earth’s lines of energy crisscrossed. This ancient knowledge about the Earth and the use of stone structures, along with proper geology might have actually had the potential to make these structures more than just observatories, but perhaps also spiritual power centers. Are haunted sites atop of leylines that amplify events that occur there? Empower them to be able to record information?

I discussed in my haunted formula studies last summer that the conditions for a good haunting appeared to include;
A history older than 50 years
A history of repeated and long-term anguish and death
A structure made of stone
A geology that is rich with sandstone, granite, limestone and shale
A running waterway nearby
OPTIONAL: Often times for some mysterious reason, a nearby railroad track which I could not verify one way or the other was relevant, so I considered it to be an incidental finding, perhaps pertaining more to the location of older home sites and towns near their major transportation in the past.

Interestingly, when I was growing up at Aspen Grove, the structure of the house and the the land and wellsprings that ran through it often had me wondering if the stones had a power like Stonehenge. It was a rather fanciful thought, but much later as an adult I came across a movie called “The Stone Tape” made in 1972. This movie’s premise was a team of scientists rent an old building in England to have a lab to work on electronics advancements in recording that would make old fashioned magnetic tape a thing of the past. When they realize the place is haunted they also come to realize the stones of the building itself were a recording device. I was stunned when I saw this movie, as if a lot of things clicked for me. This scene (you can find all the scenes on YouTube if you type in “The Stone Tape”) if you go to about the 3 minute mark (if you don’t want to sit through it all) shows you how they come to this conclusion.

I have no idea this summer where my research will take me on enhancing the haunted formula, but I do hope to find some very strong correlations with geomagnetic activity and then delve into research of earth leylines. I am also studying why mining town with frame structured buildings are haunted, as well. Hopefully, the formula can be enhanced so as to make it possible to not only know if a location is ideal for a haunting but what exact day is best to study it.

Ghost hunting is not an efficient sort of hobby. It takes hours of studying, sometimes several days and even more time reviewing evidence. But, if I can find a way to make it more efficacious, I’m all for that. So, expect this summer to hear updates on how this is going.


  1. I think I started blogging at the tail end of your journey last year. I remember you being on a trip and posting the pictures. I'm still trying to learn more about the building where I work. I know there is a ghost, and I know it is a she...I know what part of our floor she can be found at, but cannot find any history. I've been searching for months. It takes up so much time I occasionally give up, but we will be moving from this building at the end of the year, and by golly, I'd like to know more by then.

  2. Hey Mary;
    Sometimes, you can just google the address and see if there's any articles on a death there. You can also look for "murder" and that address or "death" and that address or "died." You can also go to the city registrar where they will help you find out who all has owned the place and what businesses have been in there. From there, more googling searches for those people and businesses. Have you gotten verification from anyone else that they sense her too? I'd look for commonalities in timing and place and see if you can anticipate when you might be closest to her. You can also ask others in the office if they remember who used to work in that area....

  3. I wish you lots of luck with your research.

  4. Thanks Andrea;
    I will share the findings. Hopefully, I can find a common thread that makes it all less random and more predictable.

  5. I'm curious as to what you will find... I have always believed that hauntings can be influenced by the locale (waterways, ley lines, geologic make-up, electrical fields) as well as the building materials used (should the haunting be in a building).

    Could wood, because of its porous make-up, absorb what is needed for a haunting easier than other materials?

  6. Jeanne;
    That's a really good question about wood. Oddly, as a person who has psychometric skills, reading metal is easier than reading paper, reading stones is easier than reading wood. Wood is porous but over time, it doesn't hold information for the psychic to retrieve. The only exception I've found in buildings is that wood frame buildings in mining towns hold plenty of info, but it's not held in the wood, it's in the land. So, part of my investigation will be why the land in mining area holds information.

  7. I would think then that the mineral(s) in the land are what is holding the information. Thus my belief that geology plays a part in the haunting of an area.

    Mining towns would have a higher concentration of the necessary minerals.

  8. Jeanne;
    Definitely geology is a big factor here. Determining which particular minerals are at fault and which ones are stronger or weaker is also exciting. I'm wondering if a factor in mining towns too is the turnover of the geology with active digging and the exposure of them...