Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't Miss "Ghost Hunters"!

Wednesday night on SyFy, the TAPS team on “Ghost Hunters” will be rushing to the aid of a family with a portal to the other side in a child’s bedroom (can you say “Poltergeist”?)

This episode has promised to have the most amazing evidence they’ve ever gotten and I’m seriously hoping it's even better than the St. Augustine Lighthouse episode and the Stanley Hotel one. I'm ready to hunker down and watch it, but I'm still have Josh withdrawal. To get over it, I'm working on another installment of LAUGH series called "Destination Spoof" that deals with just "Destination Truth." I will warn you when it's going up. I'm also going to try my hand at some short MST-type videos where I mock scenes from scary movies. I will keep you posted on that too.

So, don’t forget to set your recorders and sit down and have a cup of hot tea or cocoa and enjoy Wednesday’s episode. If you want to tell me what you thought of it, put a comment on this post when you've seen it.


  1. Hey Autumn, I just replied to your comment on my blog "Still going". I'm sorry I'm just now getting to it. :) I'll be visiting your blog tonight to catch up with all I've missed on your blog. And btw, I love my readers too...gosh who knew I could make such great friends with people I couldn't pick out on the street if they passed by. lol! Funny huh?

  2. Yeah, the blog is a good place to find your tribe. :-)

  3. I will be watching with my netbook in front of me, writing the recap.

  4. Maybe I'm just a skeptic but the moving stroller looked hoaxed. We can't see all of the stroller and it just happens to turn in the direction that is out of the camera shot.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

    As for the St. Augustine lighthouse, don't get me started on that one ....lol.

  5. Barry;
    You make me smile. Okay, I admit--I haven't seen tonight's episode yet--I'm in the SW. I have become extremely skeptical of them ever since the hoodie pulling incident that made the rounds on YouTube showing what looked like an obvious hoax on Grant's part. This is going to always be an issue for anyone doing a show about ghost hunting. I'd be more impressed if a film crew was somewhere doing something else and came across phenomenon without any intention. St. Augustine, I enjoyed watching it because it was really chilling to watch and I'm crazy about creepy episodes. I do think that the IR camera aimed at the bottom of the stairs looking upwards created a condition by which if someone leaned over the railing and looked down their freakin head was showing up, so there's no way to tell if that was them getting in their own IR. I have since the hoodie incident, kept my eye on Grant when phenomenon happens. I'm not saying he's hoaxing everything, but I think sometimes he's strangely the only one near something when it happens, so either he's a magnet for stuff, has telekinesis, can create poltergeist activity or is "oh gosh darn shucks" cute that producers use him as the scapegoat because no one would suspect. I'm always highly skeptical. It comes down to this--only things I experience are true to me, everything else is entertaining and thought provoking.

  6. With St. Augustine Lighthoue, I think that it was a simple case of loosening the light bulb on the motion detector. A person goes up and leans over the rails and the motion detector can't light up.

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy the show, but like you I watch for the entertainment.