Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Don't Forget Tonight's TV!

SyFy channel tonight:
"Ghost Hunters" are in a reform school.
"Destination Truth" is in a haunted mining town in Chile.

I gotta say I'm sooooo excited about "Destination Truth" because I want more paranormal investigators to get their butts down to places like Chile, who is the largest miner of copper in the world. If you do a search in the bar on the right side of the screen, you can look for Chile aliens and you'll see that I've written about the connection between mining towns and strange alien reports, UFOs, and haunting. Is it in the water? Is it in the soil? What's the deal-e-o? I'm hoping they run into some of the weird shenanigans in Chile.


  1. Looking forward to these shows especially DT. I also hope they find much more in Chile while investigating ghosts.

  2. I wish they'd stop by and find out what the findings were on the "chicken-like" skeleton they found in the mines the last time they were there...

  3. "Deal-e-o" = CUTE! I'm super jazzed for tonight's epi too. Good point about all the other activity down in Chile. Wayne's always wanting to head that way. (South or Central America.) He just may be able to talk me into a haunt jaunt down to Chile...

  4. A follow-up on that skeleton would be tremendous. We are ready to go to Chile anytime...we just need a wealthy benefactor to foot the bill! While we are there we could swing over to the Nasca Lines too. Sounds like a plan. Are you in?

  5. Courtney;
    Yes, I'd go to Chile or Mexico because the two have so much mining, alien reports in the mines, and UFO sightings.

    I'm with you totally! I'm looking for a producer myself who wants to do a documentary on the ghosts at Aspen Grove so I can put together a team and do a study. It's a guaranteed activity site because I have 4 family members and one family friend who vowed to haunt it before they passed on, as well as the Civil War soldiers. Should I make this happen, I will definitely be in touch with ya'all. I'll probably need some more "local" people so we don't have to fly a bunch of people from the west out. I'm totally up for adventures. In fact, tonight I'll be putting film on my blog of an adventure out in the desert to an abandoned site...

  6. Autumnforest;
    Looking forward to the film! We are waiting for the call to head to Aspen Grove!

  7. How'd you like that graveyard!

  8. Barry;
    I can barely sit still! I'm itching to put on some hiking boots and grab an ATV and take off! Jeez, I would stay there a whole week and camp out and let the place get used to me so more action happens. I think that would be my #1 vacation spot.