Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cool blog

I like to showcase blogs that catch my attention now and then. This one, Weekly Spectre, gave me a beautiful blogger award--I'm so honored! I got one recently and I so appreciated it. It came with the command to list 7 things no one knew about you. I've done it before, but it's so freakin' fun.

1. I used to twirl the short flag in high school (basically a batton twirler with a flag on it), also swords and rifles.
2. I used to run a self-help group for anxiety disorder sufferers, gave lectures, workshops and wrote articles translated into many languages around the world. I sponsored a lot of people through the process of not letting phobias, panic, and anxiety get in the way of taking control of their thoughts and emotions.
3. I had cervical cancer when I was 17 (mom took DES during her pregnancy). After three attempts, they were able to remove it all and no chemo, but it did change a lot my attitude about life from a young age. Now, you know why I'm doing 12 things at one time and enthused about them all!
4. I'm very much into sustainable gardening and eating "live" food.
5. I love to dance and sing (both mediocre) but I still do it!
6. I was in a lot of pageants in the past including Miss Arizona USA.
7. I was once the toteboard girl for the cerebral palsy telethon on TV--the model chick that changes the numbers on the board as money comes in.


  1. Well deserved! I'm sorry to hear about the cancer and I'm soo glad you were able to overcome it! Wow I knew you are on interesting lady!

  2. Hey Becca;
    Seems like a zillion years ago--jeez, I guess it was! At the time, it didn't really sink in. My mom and sister had it too and I saw that they survived, so I figured I was lucky. I tell women--please get Paps. I got my first at 17 so I could go on the pill to regulate my periods and make my cramps better. If I hadn't gone in for a Pap at 17-that localized cancer would have spread over the years until 21 when most doc's say to start having Paps. Horrifying, huh?

  3. Yes! I think peole for get the importance of check ups! So happy to hear both your mom and sis are ok too!

  4. Well deserved award. I am always glad to learn more things about you. I need to get my rear in gear and get my list going...
    ~above the norm~

  5. Thank ya'all! I think all the blogs should do this--reveal 7 things about themselves we didn't know. I've found one of my favorite things is to meet a person and try and feel out the odd things about them no one usually knows. It's those things that make you go--hey, I get this person! I remember talking to a very uptight person one time and she mentioned that she was from Virginia. Okay, so that was at least something I had in common (I'm a liberal and open-minded, she was following her husband's Mormon traditions and a bit fearful about everything and carried his line about politics and such). So, I ask where in Virginia. It was in my hometown! Yahoo--something to talk about. I mentioned a place in the hometown. She lived right near there and went there all the time. Her face lit up and she was like a kid again. She found someone who knew the place of her origins and talked to her about it. Apparently, her husband wanted her to disown her life beforehand and the hometown. She was like this lively child and even a swear word slipped from her lips. I thought--when you know the little secrets, you bring out the genuine person.

  6. it is always fun to get to know these facts. thanks for sharing and so glad you are cancer free.