Thursday, April 22, 2010


(Never fear, “LAUGH: Ghost Hunters” installment will show up in the late afternoon on Friday as promised)

I was conversing with one of my very favorite horror movie reviewers at Anything Horror Central and we knocked around the concept that the cover art on horror DVDs should match the quality of the film. Some covers are suspiciously awesome and the movie sucks. The problem with planting a seed for me is that I actually do it--so here's the ones I've cobbled together with my limited PhotoShop skills. I think they show the quality of the film and what you can expect by the cover art. Enjoy! And, if you want someone who talks like me and is real and sharp and genuine, you really have to follow the link above to Anything Horror Central. He’ll take the hits for you and see the bad shit so you don’t have to.


  1. Aren't they? Children's drawings from online. I love them--they should be hired to do cover art for the real clinkers.

  2. LOVE the cover art for the movies. See now; if those were the actual DVD covers I would have never wasted a few hours of my life watching them!! Great work, and thanks for the kind words about my blog!!