Zombie Transformation

When it comes to zombies, I always say, “Read it. Watch it. Contemplate it. Ultimately, be it.”

Costume? You’ve probably heard me mention that on my bucket list is “join a zombie walk.” I really just want to do it all out and shuffle with the others in some downtown location where people can just gawk at us freaks. The costume idea—not really defined yet, but I’m working it—I’d really love to put together the Resident Evil Apocalypse costume (above) with the kackis, strap on leather un holsters and boots.

I’d start with red lip liner and line my eyes and smudge it up so I look like I have the worst pinkeye in creation. I’d apply some fake skin into a nice ridge going down my cheek and take a pencil and dig a trench into it. Then, take some foundation and mix it with white clown makeup and a touch of green concealer correction. Put that on a nice freshly scrubbed face and then go for the lips. I’d put on the same stuff from my foundation but take some blue eyeshadow and work it into the center of my lips. Next, some bruising. I’d take purple eyeshadow and make a central bruise, then as it goes outward, use green eyeshadow and then yellow eyeshadow on the very outer edges. A light dusting of powder to hold it in place. Lastly, a little blood into the wound ridge on the cheek and from the corner of the mouth.


There’s one in Phoenix on May 28th—trying to gather a group to do it. The only thing that sucks is it’ll be over 100 degrees-the makeup will no doubt melt, but never fear—another one at Halloween.

What about your city/state?

New Mexico

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  1. May might be a bit hot, but I would love to take pictures. I can see me becoming a zombie on Halloween and marching in downtown Tempe. That would be fun!

  2. Hey Julie;
    I will have to see how the weather goes. If May is unbearable, I'm not going to try to put on zombie makeup-I use a lot of fake skin and it'll just slide off my face. I'm definitely down for Halloween in Tempe--yahoo!

  3. Hey, I thought of you today and your many wonderful zombie posts. A&E had a the science behind sci fi special on and they had morticians talking about zombies and the reality of zombies and they also helped the host create very realistic zombie makeup. Close attention was paid to bloating, the tone of the skin, and the method of death. I've changed all my zombi makeup plans based on this.


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