what zombie movies teach us about life

“Your friends will have your back”
(Example: “28 Days Later” Killing off a buddy who’s about to “turn” and keeping your promises.)

“It ain't over till it's over.”
(Example: “Night of the Living Dead” when the leader makes it through the night, only to be shot in the daylight by the posse. Don’t ever relax your defenses!)

“There's strength in numbers”

(Example: “Dawn of the Dead” (remake) There were more to construct and protect)

"If you can’t beat `em, join `em.”

(Example: “Fido” when they decide to domesticate the zombies as servants, they solve the issue of what to do with the dead.)

“There’s no place like home.”
(Example: “Shaun of the Dead” The Winchester was really the best place to hide and it had unlimited booze and pork rinds!)

“Nazis suck, dead or alive.”

(Example: “Dead Snow” You can’t kill them even when they’re dead, but it’s oh so fun to try)

“Sex is only for the living.”
(Example: “Erotic Night of the Living Dead.” They sort of wandered around while the living enjoyed themselves)

“The government really isn’t there for you, you’re on your own.”
(Example “Quarantine” when the government blocks up the building and makes the folks inside stay there with those who are turning)

Now, I want to hear what you learned from zombie movies…


  1. I love, love, LOVE "Quarantine". But what the hell was up with the way they depicted cops in that movie? I'm not that dumb. I know an undead brain-muncher when I see one. And hey, I've ALWAYS wanted to see "Dead Snow" but haven't got around to it. And yeah, the bar scene in "Shaun of the Dead" = classic. I would've been there and right at home!

  2. Oh, yeah. And what I've learned: Like the old government issued zombie survival poster says: "There are no moral dilemmas". I don't give a shit who you were in life. If you're a zombie, I'll drop you like the dead corpse you are!

  3. You know, I'm the only one I know who loved "Quarantine." I'm thrilled by any zombie movies that involve them happening in locked in quarters. That's why I'm excited about the upcoming Romero one that I just did a post on today. I will tell you right now that the battle scene at the end of Dead Snow is worth the price of 3 DVDs! It was the single greatest zombie fight of all time--no one will ever top it--that's it, the end! I like the zombie poster motto. It says it all.

  4. Ok, so I've been watching Ghost Adventures...totally inspired by your blog. Remember, I told you, I have a WILD imagination. One night I was watching it and kept hearing a clicky noise in my hallway. It was freaking me out. I checked in on both of my kids...no sound there. Sat back down on the couch...heard the clicky sound again...ignored it for a while. I went to the bathroom and lo and behold I found the clicky sound that was freaking me out. I forgot I had my hot curlers on...I wanted to play around w/ my hair and forgot about the curlers...they make a clicky sound so people won't forget they're on. hahaha...I'm sucha baby. lol Btw, is Ghost Adventures fake ya think? I saw one episode in which some guy showed him a pic that had a pirate apirition in it...looked freaky. I'm still wondering if it's real.

  5. Hey Kim;
    You are your own debunker--very good! It's so darned rare there's something unexplainable on the other end of those noises. I gotta say, I totally adore "Ghost Adventures" but that's for the fun factor. Those guys aren't real ghost hunters, they just play them on TV. Their "evidence" is very lame and I honestly think they scare away more stuff than they attract, but they get to some fun sites most hunters don't go to and they're such a fun group that I watch them only for entertainment. I'd be more likely to take what "Ghost Hunters" gets as more genuine. Hope that helps. Glad to see you entering the world of the weird and unexplainable.

  6. If you've got a good thing going, don't screw it up- Dawn of The Dead (both!)

    People do not do well under stress-
    NOTLD, Dawn of The Dead, Day of the Dead

    If your wife is in quarentine, sweating, and breathing heavily after being rescued from a known contaminated area, for God's sake, do NOT kiss her!-
    28 Weeks Later

    If you live in a country with socialized medicine and strict gun laws, move!-
    28 Days Later

    If a hot, naked chick is casually strolling towards you, think about dead kittens and icebergs and run like hell-
    Return of The Living Dead

    Dogs can't look up-
    Shaun of The Dead

    and last, but not least:
    Thank God for rednecks!-

  7. Gummer;
    You got me! Those were great!!! I forgot--dogs can't look up. Hee hee hee hee

  8. You'll have your pick of houses, cars, clothes...no lines anymore. But you'll have to take out the zombies before you can have your pick!


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