Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Paranormal Lineup Reminder

SyFy tonight! The lineup is "Ghost Hunters" in an episode called "Touched by Evil" in an old mansion. And, hold everything! Another fantastic episode of "Destination Truth" checking out two things I'm extremely curious about; the Jersey Devil and Yeren (Chinese Bigfoot). If you want to get into the mood, read yesterday's post, another of my series of "LAUGH" poking fun at the ghost hunters in imaginary scenarios.


  1. i love that you tell us what's on "paranormal tv" tonight!! lol! i want to hear about the jersey devil!!

  2. Libby-Girl;
    I know! I'm excited. I would rather see Josh go after the Jersey Devil than Ryan from "Paranoid" State! Hee hee

  3. Wednesday is one nite i look forward to watching the tube...thanks for the reminder....

    Have a Wonderful SpOOk filled eve...