Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trailer: "Bad Blood...The Hunger"

Since I'm on a werewolf trend now, thought you might enjoy the trailer of an upcoming movie called "Bad Blood...The Hunger." (July 2010 release) The plot goes like this; several college students embarked on a summer of sun and fun find that their adventure turns eerily Macabre when dark and ancient forces propel them into a sinister Enclave peopled by Human, Night-Stalking, Ravenous, Flesh-Eaters whose wit and seemingly benign exteriors hide dreadful and deadly secrets that border on the Supernatural.

I know what you're thinking after seeing the trailer and hearing "college students." I have to admit the minute I see a bunch of beautiful, stupid, oblivious young people being the stars of a horror movie, my expectations plummet. With the exception of "Halloween," they've all been incredible disappointments, but this might be worth a watch while you're waiting for some real werewolf movies to come out. I do love the movies "Joy Ride," "The Hitcher," and "Duel" that have that stalked on the road feel. The exception is--they had real actors...

Keep watching--later today I should have a review of a very cool movie that I'm going to have to add to my collection and I am extremely picky about what I add to my horror collection, so that says a lot.

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