This week in paranormal TV

TV this week--not a real thrill, but I'm very very very excited about Wednesday's "Destination Truth"--two of my favorite subjects; Jersey Devil and Yeren (the China equivalent of Bigfoot and probably his great-great-great-great grandpappy if he truly did take off from China across the Behring Straits thousands of years ago).


Tuesday: Nope

SyFy channel “Ghost Hunters” In Jersey followed by
Destination Truth” looking for the Jersey Devil and The Yeren

Thursday: Nope

Friday: Travel Channel: A few showings of “Ghost Adventures” in a row.

Keep checking my blog. I’m writing another “Laugh” post involving all the ghost hunting favorites and this one will include Josh Gates as the moderator on a hunt for Yeti in the Himalayas. Should make for goofy fun!


  1. The only good show on this week is DT with GH following behind. Not a big week for the paranormal.

  2. Yeah, it's rather slow, but honestly I don't got out of my way to see "Paranoid" State or Paranormal Cop or Ghost Hunters International or Ghost Lab, so I'm not missing much. I'm bummed that UFO Hunters and Monsterquest got canned. Someone at History Channel is losing their mind and should be the one to get canned. I'd sure like to see more paranormal shows, but other varieties. I want just a monster hunting show and I'd love to see one with a good psychic (not the dramatic type) who can help the cops on a case over time and you watch them check locations, make out sketches, talk to witnesses, et cetera.

  3. ah, I missed the Jersey Devil GhostHunters. As someone who grew up in and around the NJ pines, and spent most of my formative years (before I was old enuff to get into a bar) in those woods, I can say for sure that there is NO JERSEY DEVIL. Lots of other creepy stuff going on in the pine barrens, but nothing resembling the creature of the legend. Sad, I know, but it's true.


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