Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Road Trip: Gila County, AZ

UFO formation in the sky??? Nope! That was dirt on the windshield. Another case debunked by Autumnforest!

I got some shots along the way from the car. I thought I'd break down the trip into a few posts since there was so much crazy stuff. You can probably see the bright blanketing of wildflowers in oranges, yellows, and purples. It was the prettiest I've ever seen thanks to El Nino. I like the one shot where the light reflects and you can see my bracelets as I hold the steering wheel. Kind of artistic by accident. The large mountain in the one shot is the Superstition Mountain Range. That's got a wonderful legend about the Lost Dutchmen and his supposed gold mines. An ambling old prospector with only a mule for a friend came out of those mountains and announced he'd found the motherlode. People have been searching ever since. The one shot at the end is us in the car getting ready to leave the valley. Kinda stylized, huh?

Keep watching. Today, I'll be putting on the rest of the trip during the day. Luckily, I got the day off so I have time to organize it all. Enjoy the west vicariously. There was snow on the mountaintops but it was 80 in Phoenix and 72 where we went to. The snow was melting and trickling down the rock faces of the mountains and filling up once dry washes. Very magical. The pollens were also so intense that I spent most of the night with the worst sinus headache of my life. Yuck! I love spring--it just doesn't love me.


  1. I couldn't believe how green our normally brown mountains were. It make for a beautiful trip up. It's too bad my allergies didn't like it... :-(

  2. Mine too--I hate that spring is the best time here, but I'm deathly ill. I still love El Nino, though. I hope it brings us a killer monsoon!

  3. GORGEOUS! Oh how I miss the desert! Thanks for sharing pics of "home"!