Today, I sent out for 3 minutes a visual/emotion/words and asked your followers to participate and try to receive anything from the remote encounter. One thing I didn’t mention was that I was going to focus specifically on a few followers hoping to see if there was a correlation with them getting better information because I focused on them; Libby, @eloh, and Devin.

I will tell you now what happened during those 3 minutes. I pinched the back of my hand painfully in front of a green plant and said, “ow, that hurts, stop it, dammit!”

Libby, naughty girl! The biggest killer of psychic skills is using your logical mind to decide what you should see instead of what you do. On the up side, you were fairly good in your description, as I stared at the green plant and the bright pink place on my hand in the middle of the plant the entire time and couldn't help likening it to a flower on the plant--a painful one. You had the colors and placement right, but your let your logical mind interpret what you saw by saying “Autumn’s in Phoenix—it’s gotta be a cactus.” There’s your lesson for today. I’m impressed! You were one the of the three people I focused on the most. One time, I was reading a guy's necklace and I said, "you and your brother are 10 months apart and you're the elder one." I said that because he was the responsible one and his brother was a disaster. I was right about them being 10 months apart and him being responsible and his brother being a disaster, but he was actually the younger one. I let my logical mind make an assumption.

Kim, you had the anxiousness and excitement right. I was actually giggling at one point because it stung so much and it was rather silly too!

Julie, I was whispering the words out loud...

You know I can't do anything without being goofy--I have to laugh because after pinching myself for 3 minutes, I now have a happy little hickey on my hand and I'm not about to tell people I gave it to myself! Guess I'll have to come up with some really titillating scenario...


  1. Sorry I missed the experiment...sounds like a cool idea!

  2. oh, how funny! the hickey on your hand, and your assumptions about the brothers! lol! you're right about me letting myself think too hard, next time i'll keep my mind open & empty :-(

  3. Hey Jeff;
    I'll be doing more of them, so I'll be sure you know about it.

  4. Hey Libby-Girl;
    You did really great! I want you to participate in the one I do on remote healing. That'll be really neat! I think you took the elements and made an assumption--but you did have the imagery pretty dead on. I was hoping someone would say pink and green. Yeah, the hickey is pretty funny and just like the ones you get in high school--makeup won't cover it!

  5. ...yeah, but you're old enough now to not have to tell your mom "it's a curling iron burn!" lol!!

  6. Good to know those voices in my head were you. I still wonder what the rattling was.....a snake? Maybe it was one of my dogs, they were lying next to me at the time.

  7. Libby-Girl;
    Did you know I told my mom that and she believed me? The husband unit was out of town, so he returns tonight to find a hickey on my hand--of course, he knows I'm insane enough to believe I pinched myself for an experiment. I think he'll give me a wide berth. He thinks I'm crazy enough as it is. I'm a Darma to his Greg, but we never have those awesome punchlines (darn!)

    Yup, I did whisper it. I was hoping someone would catch that. The rattling could have been my office chair. As I pinching myself, I was rocking in the chair and it makes nasty clickety click sounds.

  8. LOL! Ya know, it's really funny that you pinched yourself for that long. Are you sure you didn't leave a bruise on yourself (blue)? lol You've gotta do this again...this was fun. Next time we should make it a little longer...just in case our clocks are a few minutes different. :) Thanks, that was a new experience for me.

  9. Kim;
    I am left with a hickey. I do plan on doing more of these in different variations. Just in case, I did it for actually 5 minutes to cover it on both ends. No wonder I have a hickey. I gotta say that I figured it would get an emotion across more acutely if I were in pain than if I felt happy or sad or something. I was hoping someone's hand was hurting.

  10. sorry i missed it too, i really wanted to try.
    I wasn't feeling well and had to go back to bed.

  11. Sandra;
    Hope you're feeling better. I hope to do a remote healing one of these in the near future--you might want to be in on that one.

  12. i'd love to be in the healing one. i so could use that one.


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