Wednesday, March 10, 2010

QUIZ: Where Do You Belong in the Paranormal World?

(Count your A, B and C answers)

1. When it comes to cryptozoology, I would want to...
a. Go hunt them down in the jungles, forests and lakes.
b. Write a book about the subject.
c. Learn about the details of evidence and review it.

2. When it comes to UFOs, I would want to...
a. Go out and photograph them anywhere I can find them.
b. Get eyewitness reports together on a blog or website.
c. Interview experts and come up with some theories.

3. When it comes to haunted sites, I want to…
a. Poke around, chase after stuff, photograph.
b. Review the evidence.
c. Invent ways to capture and measure activity.

4. My thoughts on the Loch Ness monster are...
a. It’s possible it exists, I’d like to go there on a troller and check it out.
b. I’d like to talk to witnesses and see their photos.
c. I’d like to study the plant life/fish that this creature could feed on.

5. ESP is something that I…
a. Would love to experience.
b. Want to have someone do a reading on me.
c. Want to test a few people and see if it’s random.

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If you got mostly A’s, you tend to be an investigator. You don’t want to talk about it and theorize, you want to dive in and find out for yourself. You are happiest being the bloodhound.

If you got mostly B’s, you tend to be a documentarian. You’d be ideal in the position of putting all the evidence together and documenting it and sharing it with the world. You are the communicative one of the group.

If you got mostly C’s, you tend to be a researcher. You want to learn all about something, find ways to test it, and help move the industry forward.


  1. I am definately the investigator. I would rather sink my teeth in and check things out for myself. It would be awesome to be the one getting the photos, videos and having all the fun, or rather experience. It may scare me to do it, but with camera in hand, I am ready to go!

  2. Yeah, I suspected you'd be the investigator. Great contributor!

  3. I got three a's and two b's. I answered from the point of view of what I would like to do though. Ironically, I think I actually fit more into the role of a researcher. I think I'd be more likely to be an investigator if had someone else who was interested in investigating with me...and I had more time and money to spend.

  4. Jeff;
    That works out pretty well, though, because you also could guide an investigator to do things the way a researcher needs it. I know a lot of investigators who don't think technical and it sucks. You say, "well, when did you get an EMF fluctuation and when did you get the EVP?" They look at you blankly and you realize they did no documentation. Someone in the group should be the notetaker and checking the watch. That's even a part of being a researcher, though history buffs like yourself are the most vital asset of a group--they uncover the history of the building and get the true story--very vital!

  5. I had a hard time with this quiz. I wanted to do a little of everything. I couldn't make up my mind. I guess that just makes me confused.

  6. Jessica;
    A lot of these are compatible. Depending on the subject like "UFOs" or "Ghosts" you could have different stands on those subjects. It's good a little of each. If the researcher understands how to gather evidence and investigate and document, then he's going to do his job better.

  7. I guess researching is just in my genes. It's probably the best role for me.

  8. I scored as Researcher but I found some of the questions had wording that did not suit the responses I wanted to give. Technically I ended up with 1 a, 2 b's and 2 c's but some of the questions more than one answer seemed equal to me.

  9. Geez, no "All Of The Above"?!
    My dream would be: find out about a purported anomaly, research all I can about it, go to the scene and hunt/investigate, then write articles and bestselling books about my adventures!
    Money, fame, product endorsements, sponsorships, maybe an action figure...
    But my sad reality is that I pretty much just do some research and develop a few theories that I kick around on the web.

  10. Burt;
    Yup, unless you get a team, it's a hard haul to do it alone. Even the noteworthy famous BF hunters have grunts that help out. All it's going to take it one person capturing something to become a Gimlin or Patterson.