Wednesday, March 3, 2010

QUIZ: what kind of paranormal investigator would you be?

Answer these questions and count how many “A’s” “B’s” “Cs” or "Ds" you get.

In a classroom or work meeting situation, I tend to:
a. Take notes, listen carefully.
b. Crack a joke to break the tension, ask lots of questions
c. Offer to hand out papers, gesture for people to be quiet, help out
d. See no reason why I can’t question authority

My personality is probably classified as:
a. Introverted—I’m all in my head
b. Extroverted—love to meet people
c. Skeptical and sarcastic
d. Aggressive and loud

When I meet new people I usually:
a. Am a loner, I usually don’t start a conversation and keep words to a minimum
b. Try to say something that makes them smile and be comfortable
c. Shake their hands firmly and look them in the eye to get their measure
d. Schmooze it up and make them remember me

If I were an animal, I’d be a:
a. Burrowing groundhog
b. A fun chimpanzee
c. A calm and wise owl
d. A foraging raccoon

Given my choice of high school cliches, I’d probably fit in with this group
a. Geeks/nerds
b. Class clowns
c. Teacher's pets
d. Bullies/jocks

I’d rather spend my weekend:
a. Setting up a webcam and working on an online project
b. Going across town to an Octoberfest and downing a brew with friends
c. Hanging out at home and relaxing, watching movies
d. Partying at the local pubs, listening to live bands, getting drunk and rowdy

(scroll down for scoring)

If you got mostly A’s, your are like “Steve” on “Ghost Hunters” show and you might make a good tech.

If you got mostly B’s, you are like “Josh Gates” on “Destination Truth” and you might like to go to new places and interview interesting people.

If you got mostly C’s, you are like “Jason” on “Ghosthunters” show, the TAPS team and you might be an ideal leader and voice of reason and skepticism.

If you got mostly D’s, you are like “Zak” on “Ghost Adventures” show and you might make a good instigator and provoking daredevil.


  1. Yeah! All but one of my answers was "b", so I guess I'm alot like Josh Gates...I can see it, lol. I love talking to interesting people and traveling to new places.

    You met me Sharon, what do you think?

  2. I had half A's and C's. Does that make me some kind of Steve/Jason hybrid?

  3. I also was tied with the number of A's and C's I got.

  4. Jeez, what do you know. I'm a "C". Skepticism? Ha! Who would've guessed. I definitely wouldn't have been the class brown-noser though. I got in trouble a lot for pissing off the teacher by talking back, never sitting down, cracking jokes, or just plain never shutting up (IF I showed up). I hung out a lot with the goth-art crowd. Looking back, I'm not quite too sure how I made it to graduation. Plus I'm kinda split 50/50 on the whole going out and getting drunk versus the staying home and chill'n thing. What type are you?

  5. Oh, I should point out, my crowd were REAL goths. You know, the type with actual talent and intellect and interest in the "dark" stuff. Not the pre-packaged Hot Topic type.

  6. Grim;
    Julie; I'd say Josh, yeah.

    A Steve/Jason hybrid would be ideal in a team, you can take charge but also like the hard work parts of it and can work alone.

    Another hybrid, huh? Leader and able to work on your own. Not bad.

    I was Josh Gates. I see a lot of all of them in me, but I generally consider myself a comforting hostess, bubbly, interested in new people, but I also have the girl from Breakfast Club girl inside me that sat there quietly and tried to shock people by what she said to drive them away. I get the goth thing--I was goth before it was really in yet. People thought I was weird. I liked to scare them by being really weird. I'd go into school without shoes and refuse to wear them. I'd cuss out my driver's ed teacher and flip him off, let my English teacher who flirted with me give me the answers to the test, then go into the Principal's office and hang his phone up and yell at him cause my locker was robbed for the fourth time that year. I had an attitude, I must admit. If you met me as a teen and met me now, you'd be shaking your head. It's probably why I never went to a high school reunion.