Monday, March 29, 2010

New Video: Tamarisk

My son just made this film for his senior year at ASU and also is entering it in a short film contest. His themes in art are all about memories and abandoned places and the blight on old boomtowns. This was taken at Desert Center in California and he used some interesting techniques to get the look. He wanted to do it with his 8mm camera but developing would take too long, so he found out something you often find in art, if you run into a roadblock it can take you to wonderful places. He filmed, edited, and made the sounds for the video. The idea is sort of an old home movie feel of visiting what was supposed to be a huge boomtown and visiting it like a tourist even though it's all dead. It's very haunting and at times I wish I could put my eye to the eyepiece and see it all, but that's part of the charm--it leaves you feeling like you had a strange dream...

p.s. He's always fantastic at naming projects. He looked it up and during the dustbowl era, they planted a plant call the tamarisk because it held up to the dustbowl, but it eventually took over like kudzu does in the south. I thought it was a great name.


  1. Way to go Alex! I like the way he filmed it. It gives it an eerie feel to it.

  2. Wow, talented guy! The visuals and soundscape really reminded me of the twilight between wake and sleep...haunting, really! Well done! :)

  3. Nate;
    Thanks. He's quite the talent. You can find him at where some of his other works are showcased.

  4. HOW EXCITING! What talent! (Naturally. He gets it from his Momma!) Along, apparently, with the love of abandoned places! Very neat share. Thanks for doing so!