Monday, March 8, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch Review: "Triangle"

I have three movie obsessions where, if anyone does a movie with these themes, I am compelled to watch them, even if I know it’ll be a bad movie. These themes are Bigfoot, Bermuda Triangle, and people finding an abandoned ship at sea. This movie, “Triangle” had to do with the Bermuda Triangle and an abandoned ship. Had that ship had Bigfoot, it would have gone down in history as the most compelling movie for me to watch—ever.

The movie involves a woman with an autistic son who goes for a daytime getaway with a friend and his buddies on a yacht. A storm hits and they’re capsized and have no way out but to climb up onto a 1930s ocean liner they find at sea. The mother feels as if she’s been on the ship before and soon a sort of “Groundhog Day” scenario begins to unfold with the same scene being replayed for her, but with changes each time that lead to what appears to be freedom in the end, only to have another yet another twist in the plot. Ultimately, you have an "aha" moment that makes you feel absolutely brilliant.

The movie had a feel of “Dead Calm” and “The Shining,” so if you liked those movies, I suspect this will be a good watch. If you like a good mind-screw in a movie where the plot does things that make you go “oh yeah,” with realization after realization as bits of information are fed to you strategically, then you’ll like this movie. Just when you think you understand what’s happening, a bit more is fed to the audience to enlighten even more. You think you reach the end of the movie and then it teases you on. The rhythm of this movie suits the plot beautifully and was really a brilliant use of time.

It’s a well-acted movie, beautifully filmed, and a surprising little gem I hadn’t heard anything about ahead of time. It haunted me long after seeing it and I felt sufficiently satisfied as a person who adores thrillers.

Enjoy your viewing!


  1. Weird happenings in the Triangle...where do you find these movies? I never heard of this one. I looks very creepy!

  2. I was actually checking Netflix Instant for their new releases and when I saw the word "Triangle" my eyes fixated on it. I hoped it meant Bermuda--and it did. Worth the watch.