Sunday, March 14, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch: "Body Double" and other Flicks

I adore horror, but I’m totally cool with thriller suspense movies. I’m crazy about stalker films (because ultimately the stalker gets it big-time), and hostage/negotiator movies because I think of myself as an excellent negotiator, so I like to see how the fictional negotiators work it. I pulled up a few crazy flicks to watch on a rainy weekend including “The Taking of Pelham 123” (new version with John Travlota) and enjoyed it very much. I also watched “Executive Decision” with Kurt Russell and enjoyed it very much too. But, I was surprised by “Body Double.”

“Body Double” is a 1984 Brian De Palma movie. So, you know it’s going to be a little rip-off of Hitchcock and a little erotica, but hey—I adore both, so it was a hit. An out-of-luck actor runs into some great coincidences that lands him a dream home in the Hollywood Hills with a beautiful view through a telescope of a rich lady across the way who likes to strip. So, he can’t stop watching. Problem is, the killer counted on him witnessing the woman getting murder. Melanie Griffith has an early film showing in this movie, still young and undone by plastic surgery with thin lips and small breasts (jeez, she looked better natural—sorry plastic surgeons--you hosed it up). It’s got that 80s style to it and lots of twists and turns, but it kept me watching. I don’t know if you’re into suspense, but I found it worth a look-see.

I also popped “Deadbolt” into the box, as well. That’s a movie about a crazy man who becomes a woman’s roommate and basically makes her locked in with him. Talk about obsession! Well, another fun get-back-at-the-stalker film. That was one rainy weekend spent writing horror while watching suspense.

I’m all over the place movie-wise because with our temps getting into the 80s, my favorite watches lately are “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Stealing Beauty” which both make me just want to runaway to an artist’s commune. You can’t peg me. I’m into just about everything depending on the mood.

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