My Cruising Mix

Now that I’m making an effort to hit the road more on trips around to film and photograph abandoned places and haunted sites, I’ve fixated on making the best cruising mix ever. The #1 on my list is my favorite song of all time and what I consider to be the sexiest video (if I designed a video—it would have been this one—has the elements I adore, dark, abandoned, sexy, and raw). “Sex is on Fire” by Kings of Leon (above).

I thought I’d share my dream lineup of songs. We’re happily into springtime and everyone’s getting itchy feet to cruise. It sounds like an insane mix, but every one of them is a dream cruising song.

You know how you have a good cruising song?
Put the song on and drive on the open road. Look around you. Does everything you see through your eyes seem like you’re shooting a music video that goes perfectly with the song as if your eyes are the camera filming it? Yeah, that’s the feeling, as if you’re inside of a video and the music is moving to your quest.

Here’s my favorite mix for hitting the open desert:

Kings of Leon “Sex is on Fire”
Tom Petty “American Girl”
Kid Rock “Cowboy”
Blue Oyster Cult “Burning For You”
Stevie Ray Vaughan “Cold Shot”
Danzig “Mother”
Joe Cocker “Night Calls”
America “Ventura Highway”
Sheryl Crow “Leaving Las Vegas”
Tom Cochrane “Life is a Highway”
ZZ Top “Tush”
Black Eyed Peas “I Got a Feeling”
System of a Down “Lonely Day”
George Thorogood “Who Do You Love?”

I’m always looking to collect more ideas for cruising music—let me know if you have some on your IPOD that you can’t live without while on the road.


  1. i love this song, it just makes me want to go get in the car & drive out in the country!!
    ...but, i'd also need some metallica, & a few good old ac/dc, like 'sin city'!!

  2. ....and, well, i like Creedence...

  3. You know, Libby-Girl, I had CCR on the list and then took them off just because I really overlistened to them for too long. I adore AC/DC but hubby's band played "Sin City" so much (and practice in my house) that I'm done with that one too. I think we'd make an awesome roadway duo--I'll drive, you ride shotgun, and we'll each stick a leg out our window and freak out the people behind us... BTW, if we want to go old school, my CB handle was "Cactus Flower"

  4. I hope you enjoy your cruising. I'm looking forward to hearing about all your road trips.

  5. Hey Jessica;
    I'm definitely restless. I've worked too much the past year and I just need to hit the open road. Think I'm hitting it on Tuesday hopefully if my riding buddy is ready to check out a great abandoned place about an hour away from here in the middle of the desert. I'll be filming and taking pic's so I can share the weird and creepy places I go. I'm hoping to get a commitment from some friends to hit Gila Bend-this is one I really want to film for ya'all because it has the famous UFO cafe and it's the #1 place to look for UFOs. I'm hoping to talk buddies into going and having supper at the UFO cafe and then sit on lawn chairs in the desert and UFO hunt. It's pretty much a guaranteed thing around the Estrella Mountains. I'm making it my goal to do little short movies of the weird places I encounter and the weird way I view them...

  6. We have a lot in common my friend! :)

  7. Well, you know, great minds think alike!

  8. that is a cool song!

    i like to jam some Pixies when i drive around

  9. Sandra;
    Pixies--ya! If it's just me and my gal-pals, Sheryl Crow hits the desert riding western girl scenario just right.

  10. You know that I am in for some of those road trips. I love the idea about taking videos of interesting abandoned places in AZ. Those small towns are the ones with the great history. My camera is ready to take many more interesting photos while you take the great videos.

  11. Hey Julie;
    We gotta target Gila Bend some time! I'm hoping to get enough folks interested in a Gila Bend--supper at the UFO cafe and then some UFO watching in the desert. I also want to hit Florence again--that is a trip you'll really love. The town of Adamsville in the middle of Florence washed out in a flood and there's a cemetery leftover that is wickedly amazing and has a large medicine wheel in it. The town's little creepy museum is about the spookiest place imagineable. Lots of the buildings are abandoned--just like Superior and Miami. Wonderful photographic opportunities. I really want to get to Vulture Mines too. Lots of planning!

  12. I'd like to have your cruising mix as a workout mix AND a cruising mix! Rock it, sista!


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