Monday, March 8, 2010

Must See Campy Favorite!

I've mentioned the movie "Gargoyles" from the 1970s before. It's one of those things I saw first on a late-night horror movie show and the minute it started, I couldn't pull myself away. There's a frustrated archaeologist inside of me, so perhaps that was part of it. The west to me seemed very exotic (I was living in the east and at that time still thought people in the west rode ponies to the corner store and hitched their horse outside). When it got to the part of gargoyles, regardless of how low-tech they seem these days, the darkness, the desert, and the deep scary voice of their leader all were terrifying. By the end of the movie, I had a monster crush. Not on the hero motorcycle riding boyfriend, but the lead gargoyle. They have it on YouTube in parts, start with part one and enjoy the tale as it unfolds. If you like scary local legends and ancient monsters, this is a very cool movie and the campiness just makes it even more a cult favorite. To see part 1 on YouTube, click here.

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