Yesterday, if you read my post proposing a kind of remote viewing test today--hope you join me today at the times here: (I will send the words, the emotion and the visual for 3 minutes).

11:00 am Mountain Standard time and Pacific Standard Time
1:00 pm Central time
2:00 Eastern Standard Time
6:00 pm in London
8:00 pm in Greece

Please comment here, whether you got anything, you got words, you got a feeling, you got a visual and even if you weren't sure about what you got. Don't talk yourself out of anything. Something you receive will be familiar. Even if it seems weird, go ahead and put it out there. One of the things that keeps the average person from accessing their psychic pathways is that they use logic and talk themselves out of things. An example would be if you thought you heard a man's voice but you know a woman, so you say "well, that can't be it." Don't do that! Give me whatever you get--no editing. It may change too, like you start out feeling kind of blank and then happy and then confused and then you see a color or a shape or think of a word...whatever you get, just give it over.

Give your comments today by:

6 pm MST
9 pm EST
1 am London (technically tomorrow)
3 am Greece (technically tomorrow)

At 7 pm MST this evening, I will reveal what I was sending.


  1. Sounds fun count me in! Oh and I watched Monster quest last night the werewolf one. They were in Michigan in Manistee forest. According to Native Americans they are more of a supernatural being a shapeshifter. I know we have wolves here but I had not hear of werewolf sighgtings. Very fasinating!

  2. Hey Becca;
    Yeah, that was a good one. I'm so bummed. I heard they're shutting down Monsterquest. That was a big mistake. They better replace it with something similar or they'll lose viewers! Glad you're joining the experiment.

  3. I am there. I heard about Monsterquest and hope that some other team will continue to look for BF and record it for us to watch.

  4. Jeepers, Julie, I just keep hoping they'll do a "Bigfoot Hunters" show-ya wanna sign up for that one? I can just picture us chasing him down in the woods with a hot batch of brownies. I don't know a guy who doesn't come running when he smells that... or maybe BBQ ribs...

  5. Not really sure I have the whole "empathic" thing going on as far as distances are concerned, but here it is. I saw the color blue...don't know if it was connected to the emotion or whatever you were looking at. I felt sentimental, serene, and towards the end a little excitement or anxiousness perhaps, but in a good way. At one point I felt a little meloncholy..only for a few seconds though. I had a hard time concentrating b/c I was listening out for my I don't know if I was honing in on what they were feeling at one point.

  6. hey, i tried, & all i had a strong vision of was a cactus with a pink flower growing out the top...but maybe that was cuz i associate arizona with cactuses, & i know you're there?

  7. I'm not sure if I picked up anything. At the beginning I had to move from my living room to my bedroom because the dishwasher was loud and disturbing me. At one point, I felt a calmness and heard a rattling sound. I also heard some whispering but not sure if that sound came from outside. I can't wait to see what you did and what others picked up.

  8. Well I got a vision of cliffs and a waterfall. I've been doing laundry all day so what can I say. :)

  9. It is almost 11 pm and i was busy with work until half an hour ago. I was so bumped i missed it. I hope you will do it again some time, because i wanna play too!
    Brightest blessings.

  10. I had no idea this was going on but around one today, a strange sense of deja vu hit me. Like a memory just outta range, could not put my finger on it and have never experienced this before.

  11. About that time, my daughter was eating baby carrots (with dip).. I picked one up and crunched it... then I asked her what the sound was.... and told her that some people believe it is the carrot screaming.

    Dunno, if this was you experiment or just a stray thought to mess with my daughter.... I often attempt to enhance her eating enjoyment.

  12. @Eloh--Did you see the results in the newest? That was pretty good!


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