Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mass blog experiment: Join me here!

I’ve been knocking around ideas for a mass blog experiment. I have a lot of ideas for future ones, but for this first one I wanted to see just how connected we are and if I could give you all a visual and emotion at the same moment in the day.

The experiment is tomorrow, Thursday the 25th. Mark your calendar; leave a post-it note, whatever you need to do (times below depending on your time zone).

At the time listed below, I want you to take a couple minutes, study my picture on the blog and think of my name “Autumnforest.” Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath and float until you feel like there’s something identifiable in your mind. Keep my name in mind in your head to help focus on me. I will be staring at and concentrating on something—it could be a scene, a photo, an object—you don’t know. I will be trying to study the details and say the words in my head describing it as well as the associated emotion so that if you are empathic you will feel the emotion, if you are auditory you will hear the words and if you are more visual you will see it.

You may not see it in your head. You may just recall a similar feeling looking at something similar before. You may only get a feeling like “happiness” or “it looks like something busy and confusing” or “I see a lot of yellow” or you're minded of your great Aunt Tillie. Whatever you get, comment on my Thursday post which will be a post about receiving your impressions. Even if you feel you drew a blank, let me know.

I will be sending the information for exactly 3 minutes, so from that time period (below) for 3 minutes, you’ll have as much access as possible to what I’m seeing, feeling and thinking.

Thursday the 25th at:
11:00 am Mountain Standard time and Pacific Standard Time
1:00 pm Central time
2:00 Eastern Standard Time
6:00 pm in London
8:00 pm in Greece


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I'll be there. 2 pm is perfect for me...but make sure you send out a reminder.

  2. Yup--I put a post-it note on my work station so I can stop a few minutes before and get myself in the right frame of mind for sending. As a psychic, I've rarely opened myself up to read crowds and others because it leaves me open too, but I've come to a place in my life where I don't have any reason not to open myself up because I really don't have anything to hide, my soul is a happy and good one and I'm a complex person who's had many trials and a lot more wisdom. I'm more confident with my abilities now than I used to be. I used to believe the old line that if you leave yourself open people will suck the life right out of you but it's such hoo-haw. There's nothing more exciting than when minds come together for a single purpose and energy melds. And, I don't think anyone's bad energy can affect me, but I can certainly feel a good deal of empathy and have a tendency to send out healing energy when I open up. The next experiment is going to involve ya'all as senders as me as a receiver. Another time, I'm going to ask people with physical problems to join me so I can do a remote healing. I'm working my talents beyond my usual focus to grow more as a sensitive. I used to only focus on psychometry, but my skills go beyond that so I'm trying not to disregard other potential avenues in my search to link psychic skills with the occurrences in the paranormal world. I'm every theorizing and experimenting and you get to be my lab helpers every day on this blog.

  3. Great Idea! It sounds like fun. I wish I could participate but I'm trapped at work tomorrow. I can't wait to see the results, however.

  4. I will try my best to make it. I have an appointment but i hope it will be over by then! It sounds so much fun!

  5. I'm very curious if I'm a good sender. I'm good with sending healing energy, but visuals and emotions and words...that will be a fun test.

  6. Cool idea. I doubt I'll be able to participate, though. By that time I'll probably running around at work like a chicken with its head cut off.
    I do look forward to the results!

  7. I'm old, I sitting here smiling and shaking my head.....

    I'm sure I have mentioned a couple things to you before.....

    since remote viewing has long since been old hat for the military... one must wonder what they have going on now...

    our government has a long and well documented history of "employing" a rouges gallery of felons and firestarters... willing or not.

  8. Gummer;
    If you do have 3 minutes at 2:00 and look up at the clock and notice--give it a try.

    You know, I did an experiment on here one time to do remote viewing of Montauk. I found some interesting and bizarre things. If the Govt wanted to recruit me, I'd be totally down with that. I may be a liberal leftie, but my folks were extreme right-wing WWII vets and I have no issues using my skills for my country. Doubt they'll be knocking at an Autumnforest's door, but in the mean time, I'm going to play with it. It really is fun. Sometimes, just for fun, I pop in on some world-famous bad guys and see whazzup. I hope they're utilizing the skill in others for the right reasons, it'd be a waste if they didn't.

  9. ...a "liberal leftie"? hell, autumnforest, you'd fit right in the current gov't! they'll be knocking on your door anytime! lol!
    i'll be there with you at 2 tomorrow!!

  10. Libby-Girl;
    Glad you'll be on-board! One of these times, I'm going to do a physical healing remotely, so we'll see how that goes. I gotta admit, I know that in the long-run Obama will go down in history as one of the great presidents, it's just that people hate change so much, but we can't evolve if we don't. I doubt the present gov't would use me since I can't see the left wanting to jump into people's minds and such, but should another godawful Bush enter again, I wouldn't be able to help them because I'd probably forfeit my citizenship. Hee hee

  11. I'll try it. :) It'll work out well b/c I can let the kids play outside for just a few minutes before my son's nap time. I've never tried this before and remember how I told you I pick up on emotions? I've never even thought of trying to pick them up from far away...will be interesting. :)

  12. I'll set an alarm...

    My oldest friend 30+ years... is (in her words) a yella dog democrat.

    We've always had a chuckle... if anyone would hear us talk politics they would swear we were about to shiv each other,.,,

  13. count me in also Autumnforest- sounds fascinating to say the least!!!!!!!!
    i am usually about as psychic as a rock - but i will sure try to "receive"
    this is a really cool idea and i imagine it could be expanded to other areas - i will try to check in as soon as i can -it will be easy to synch the time as we are in the same time zone
    all the best to you and yours
    your friend always and forever!!!!!!

  14. Kim;
    Yahoo! Hope you do it. I suspect you might pick up on the emotional aspect.

    I get both sides. I grew up in DC and everything was freakin politics, politics, politics. I totally didn't agree with my parents on anything except I think there isn't enough capital punishment and definitely not expedient enough. Otherwise, I'm a total democratic leftie. Some of my best buds and family members are conservative, so I get where they're coming from, it's just not the way I see the world, but I appreciate we all see it through different glasses, that's makes for checks and balances, right?

    I hope you do it. I'd be curious to see how you do. I admit that there will be some random folks I will be thinking about and that's another part of the experiment that will be interesting--if the ones I'm focusing on pick up more...

  15. I dunno...I hope so b/c I feel very emotionally clouded right now...have been tested a LOT in the past few days. lol

  16. Kim;
    Actually being distressed can make you a lot more sensitive.

  17. Hey there, sorry I've been away from blogland. But summer will be here soon and we have so much to do to get ready for the move.

    About tomorrow, I'm available too, I don't think I'm very psyhcic, but I'll give it a try.

  18. Hope the move prep is going well. It will be a big change from PV, but I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to ease into the new place and know the locals--they're very friend in TN. So glad you're gonna join the experiment!