Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Bloomin' Crazy Around Here!

The cacti haven't bloomed yet, but I have a huge variety, so when they do bloom, I will be taking shots of those--they make amazing flowers--so exotic! Here's what's going on in the yard right now... (don't worry, I'm back to the paranormal tomorrow!)

ruby red grapefruit (closed white clusters)
tangerine (open white clusters)
pomegranate (the huge red flower)
red bouganvillea
purple bouganvillea
aloe (the tall stacked orange flowers)


  1. Beautiful.....I can feel my eyes start to water and my nose itch.

  2. Tell me about it. I worked on my painting outside yesterday, swam, and watered the yard. I feel like I have a head cold right now. Tree pollen is the worst!

  3. YAY all the rain and YAY bougainvilleas! Those were always my Gram's favorites. I look at them and always think of her and how she'd talk to them as we drove past (or walked if we were on a walk). Thanks for sharing and letting me have some special happy memories of her.