Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How Well Do You Know Horror Movies? QUIZ

1. What horror movie utilized a William Shatner mask to be worn by the villain?
2. What horror movie had a twist ending in which the killer girl is shown naked and she’s really a dude?
3. What horror movie used the line, “you add up all these wrong angles and you get a distortion in the house as a whole?”
4. What horror movie involved a disbelieving ghost hunter staying in a haunted hotel room?
5. What horror movie involved a wheelchair-bound boy ghost?
6. Name the title of any of these three movies about a sole survivor of the apocalypse starring either the version starring Vincent Price, Charlton Heston, or Will Smith
7. What monster was able to camouflage itself in the jungle?
8. What way did the priest die in the original "The Omen"?
9. What horror movie did Renee Zellweger star in with Matthew McConaughey?
10. What horror film starred Anthony Hopkins and a ventriloquist doll?

(Scroll down for answers and scoring)

1. "Halloween"
2. "Sleepaway Camp"
3. "The Haunting"
4. "1408"
5. "The Changeling"
6. "The Last Man on Earth" OR "Omega Man" OR "I am Legend"
7. "Predator"
8. "Lightning spire (will accept lightning rod) fell from church and speared him."
9. "Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
10. "Magic"

If you got 7-10 wrong, have you ever seen a horror movie?
If you got 4-6 wrong, you're an average horror movie watcher
If you got 0-3 wrong, you're a horror movie afficionado


  1. I missed number 2. I've never seen Sleep Away Camp :(. Great Quiz. I love quizes.

  2. Hey Jessica;
    Really awesome--that was a very strange cult fav, but a lot of folks missed it. Very freaky weird. Definitely a must-see for those who are intrigued by psychological horror stories. I hope to do more quizzes in the future. I always love taking them. I was thinking of doing one to help people figure out what kind of paranormal investigator they match up with.

  3. I missed 2 too! I never saw that one. I just watched Splintered was on cable yesterday. Have you seen it? It I enjoyed the setting supposed to have been northern Wales. Somewhat of a werewolfish type movie. Did have some gore.

  4. Becca;
    Great score! Hadn't heard of Splintered. I'm definitely going ot look into that. I'm a werewolf story freak. I'm also a nut for fantastic locations.

  5. LOVE IT! Again, wavelength thing going on. I'm concocting some quizzes on my blog too. This was a hoot!