Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gila County Roadtrip Continued: Graveyards

The first headstone shot was a fun one. I always take pictures of graves with appropriate or weird names. This one was "Myles High" Apparently, his folks had a good sense of humor or else they liked to have sex on an airplane, I don't know...

We hit three cemeteries on the trip; Pinal, Globe, and Superior. I love the shot with the sun's rays coming down--very angelic. There's some neat headstones and you see a lot of iron fences all rusted around graves. As well, there's a lot of Hispanic graves and they tend to leave amazing things. This one grave with all the offerings also had at the foot of the grave a little baker's rack with gardening things on it. They tend to the graves and usually have a chair nearby and leave cake on their birthdays. As I've mentioned before, western baby graves often have little cribs atop of them like the white one in that one shot. All in all, that was the greenest I've ever seen these cemeteries. They're usually all dusty and nasty.


  1. A must visit at night next time. I can't wait to research some of the more interesting residences of the cemeteries and tell their stories.

  2. Yeah, I think the Globe one just has the worst creepy feeling. I gotta say, driving those winding tiny trails up the graveyard with no railing was really creepy!