Thursday, March 4, 2010

Easter Eggs: Your DVD's Secrets Unlocked

Did you know many of the DVDs have extras called “Easter Eggs” that you don’t know about. You have to do just the right thing to find them. Here’s some you might not know about on your own DVDs and where to look up more of them:

“Jeepers Creepers”
From the main menu, go the "Scene Selections" section. At the bottom of the first selection screen, highlight the "Chapter 1-4" entry and then pressyour Up button. This will highlight a stitch. Press your Enter button to watch an interview clip of famed science fiction writer Richard Matheson.
Didn't notice director Victor Salva's Hitchcock-like appearance in Jeepers Creepers? This Easter Egg makes it easy to find. From the "Special Features" submenu, go to the "Cast & Crew" section. Highlight "Victor Salva" and then press your Up button. This will highlight a bloody streak. Press your Enter button to play director Victor Salva's cameo in the movie.
Here's a "creepy" Jeepers Creepers Easter Egg. Insert the movie side of the DVD and, from the disc's main menu, highlight the "Languages" menu entry. Now, pressyour Left button to highlight the image of a piece of rope. Press your Enter button now to display an alternate version of the main menu featuring the Creeper Eye.

“Practical Magic”
Go to "special features", click on "the cauldron". click first on rosemary, then mint, grapes, and last is lavender. then click on mix. this will bring you to "making magic" and "casting a spell"

“The Sixth Sense”
In the Bonus Materials section, go to the second page and highlight the jewelry box on the screen; then press Enter. You'll see an excerpt from a horror movie Shyamalan shot at age 11.

“Thirteen Ghosts” (new)
First, go to the "Special Features" menu. When it comes up, Go to "Ghost profiles". After Cyrus is done talking to you, select the object that is a jaw bone. Cyrus will start telling you about the Jackal, and in it you will see several scenes from House on Haunted Hill.

My favorite site is (for some reason blogger won't allow the connection so you'll have to copy and paste). Look up some of your favorite horror movies


  1. That picture scares me...bad! LOL! I'm such a baby. :)

  2. I'd love to do a post some time on the ghosts from that movie. They were pretty awesomely scary.

  3. I've heard of Easter Eggs from CSI: Miami or some show, but I thought it was just something they made up. I have Jeepers Creepers and This Sixth Sense. I'll have to check that out.

    BTW, the link in this post doesn't work. I clicked on it and came up "Page Not Found".

  4. Andrea;
    Thanks for the heads-up on that. For some bizarre reason, Blogger won't allow the connection, but the address is now in the post. Have fun looking these up--they're always a little treat when you get a new movie.

  5. I'll be referring back to this one when I do my write up of SCARED!'s The Grand Midway Hotel epi. They've hidden Easter Eggs on their DVD and they were my favorite thing!