Saturday, February 13, 2010

Want Halloween Year-Round? He's Got It!

I adore "Season of Shadows" blog because John is the kind of guy who is what I call “the Father of Halloween.” For him, it’s Halloween year-round and when he sets up for the Big Night—it’s like nothing found anywhere! If you're not following him at Halloween--you are way out of touch. If you don't follow him year-round, you're missing out on the buildup.

The followers of his blog are lucky enough to watch his short films that show his progress as he works on a new prop for Halloween with his husky Christian Slater sounding voice and creepy ambient music that sets the mood even more.

Are you into retro nostalgic Halloweens from the 60s/70s? He’s got it. Tons of film clips here to inspire and hilarious Halloween commercials.

Are you into hearing about the in’s and out’s of a super-haunted house for Halloween and the crazy stories of haunts past? He’s got it.

How about if you’re curious how to make props? Yup, it can be found here.

Need to do some shopping at a Halloween Paranormal store? Yeah, you get the idea—he’s got it.

There’s some blogs that I immediately read the minute they post something new—-this is definitely one of those sites.

So, I share with you one of my "golden" favorites.


  1. … oh … my … gods! … Awesome find, Autumn, truly awesome find. As an Elder Goth my(s)elf, this is well appreciated. Altho' as you well Gno, Virginia is far, far from Halloweenish weather at present, nor are we anywhere near the smidgen of an inch of your Springlike traces, my environs having taken on truly arctic characteristics of late. Fun site all around, Tres cool! ~ (•8-D

  2. Love his blog, videos and cool creations.

  3. Andrea;
    Yeah, isn't it cool? He's just so nice and real and honestly excited about H-ween!

  4. This is a good blog. He's very clever in how he shares his passion on it.