Monday, February 15, 2010

This week in paranormal TV

A&E: "Psychic Kids: Paranormal Children" (repeat) Alexa, 14, and her family recently abandoned their Florida home because they believe a negative and even dangerous paranormal presence is there. Alexa, who is visited by spirits regularly, is terrified of the house and refuses to return alone. Chip and Lisa introduce Alexa to Hailey, a 12 year-old from Texas who is equally frightened by the spirit of a man she sees on a regular basis, along with a "cursed" mirror she bought at a flea market. In order to confront their fear of the unknown, the girls visit Alexa's house in the most frightening Psychic Kids to date.

A&E (following Psychic Kids) Two episodes of “Paranormal Cops” A homeowner says a guest was choked by a ghost. AND… A night security guard is having ghostly visitor.


SyFy Channel “Ghost Hunters International” The Duran Sanatorium in Costa Rica is probed; the ghost of a sugar plantation owner is sought in Kingston, Jamaica.

History Channel: Back-to-back "Monsterquest" episodes

Discovery Channel “Solving History with Olly Steeds” Olly seeks The Amber Room, a work of art comprised of amber, gems and gold, that was stolen from the USSR in 1941 by Nazis.


Fox channel “Past Life” The team discovers that two people (Katherine Boecher, Nick Wechsler) experiencing the same regressions are actually star-crossed lovers who find each…


Travel Channel “Ghost Adventures” (repeat) Great episode they did in the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone.

Travel Channel (following “Ghost Adventures”) “Most Haunted” An abandoned theater in London.


  1. I like Olly Steeds and the way he approaches things to get answers. He sort of reminds me of Josh Gates. I will probably catch the GA boys at the Bird Cage. It's always fun to see ghost hunters investigating places in AZ.

  2. Andrea;
    You know, I watched the first season and totally forgot about it. I didn't know they were still making it. Wow! I should probably check that out.

    I so miss Josh Gates. I think of him and sigh sadly. But, only a few weeks and he's back! Wahoo! The last season was so unbelievable, I don't know how he'll top it. I would like to see some of these places from him: Tasmania--looking for the thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), Pacific Northwest (2-hour special, please with them camping for many nights) looking for Bigfoot, and he'd be so wicked looking for Jersey Devil! I can't even imagine the jokes he'd crack!

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your best wishes. I appreciate it a lot. These headaches are kicking my arse!
    I've yet to see Olly Steeds, I hope to catch him this week. And I too can't wait to see DT; I hope it will be a good season.

  4. Sandra; you poor lamb. I can't imagine what a migraine is like. I have nasty allergies and when I get sinus headaches, I can't stand up or move or anything, but it's probably a fraction of what migraines are like. You get all happy and better in time for March's new season of DT. Oh my gosh! I'm their biggest fan!!! Do see Olly. He's a real sweetheart, intelligent, and handsome with a wonderful dialect. He makes everything seem so cool. I like the way they use computer imaging to show ancient sites as they might have been, sort of building them up right there on site. He has a very logical and no-nonsense way of handling it. Charming and insightful as well (sigh). Yeah, he's a dish and a half! Jeez, I'm still boy crazy--guess it never goes away with age!

  5. I have to beg to differ miss Sharon, I am Josh's biggest fan. I'm stocking him on Twitter, lol. OK, I'm not that bad but I love your suggestions for places Mr. Gates can investigate. BTW, his tweets are funny too and I should post some of them.

  6. Julie;
    You should do that! I tried Twitter once but I realized if I started doing it, I'd never get anything else done, same with Facebook, so I stick to Blog and MySpace and my email. Only three ports to monitor. I like that. People keep telling me what they find on Twitter and it sounds funny but I would probably get addicted. Please post some of hsi stuff--I be he's hilarious.

  7. Supernatural is in its 5th season. well its taking a 6 week hiatus due to the olympics but still going strong. They have a demon and angel battle going on.

    I love Josh Gates too. He's hilarious. I just wish he would do more investigations in the US.

  8. Andrea;
    Totally agree--we have plenty of weirdness here for Josh, but making fun of the locals would be trickier. Part of the charm is how he handles foreign foods and languages and customs like a gentle bumbling giant amongst locals.