Friday, February 5, 2010

Sexiest Movie Bad Guys

Yeah, it’s true; there are bad guy characters in film that also happen to be terribly sexy. We know a lot of the typical ones that aren’t even worth mentioning, like vampires and werewolves, but here’s some of the unexpected finds:

Captain Daniel Gregg played by Rex Harrison in the 1947 movie “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” Talk about a salty, naughty-mouthed sea man-this character had the corner on the market. He was intrusive, prickly, set in his ways, didn’t understand the female sex in the least, and yet was quietly humbled by a gentle voice.

Quint, the potty-mouthed, sailor ditty singing, hunter of the shark in “Jaws” was played by Robert Shaw quite brilliantly. What did a shaggy-haired, rough-bearded, scarred, and rebellious sailor have to offer the female species? A body of expertise and experience, sparkling blue eyes, and a rolling dialect that made a woman wonder what he’d seen in the ports he stopped in during his long career. He didn’t seem to want or even like anyone, which made him even more intriguing and challenging.

“The Hitcher” in the 1986 movie played by Rutger Hauer. What? A nasty killer? Well, it surprised me too, but when I confessed to friends that he turned me on (and not my usual kind of guy because he's fair-haired), they actually giggled and admitted he was sexy. We thought maybe it was his eyes, but even more attractive is the fact that you never really know where he came from, what he wants or what he will do next. He represents the unknown.

You know I’m going to have to name this one, Johnny Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow. Drunken, lecherous, self-absorbed, careless and inept, yet women can’t get enough of the eye-liner wearing, unkempt pirate. Huh? Well, part of it might be the hair and the dialect. The other part is the simple promise of a fast tumble and forget you, please. Yes, even girls appreciate that fantasy. There’s also something terribly attractive about the roving eyes of a lech when it’s not done in a creepy backstreet flash-you-in-my-raincoat kind of way, but the way that sums a woman up from head to toe and a pleasant little smile of promise on his lips, or in Sparrow’s case, a pat on the fanny.

Dale Massie, was a nasty, dirty, bad boy in the movie “Cold Creek Manor” played by Stephen Dorff to perfection. What did this trailer-park-feeling, angry, tense, resentful killer have that was attractive? Well, put simply, he was walking talking sex. Just raw, do-it-anywhere, packing powerful hips kinda guy.

I’m very curious to see who you find to be the yummiest bad boy characters in film. I won’t even get into TV guys—there’s a lot of naughty boys nowadays from “Mad Men” to “Dexter” to “Nip/Tuck.”


  1. Don't get me started on how sexy Dexter is. lol

  2. I KNEW that was Rutger Hauer! I have been a long time fan of his, that's right fan me!

    I agree. All are hunks, do you even use that word any more?

    I am kinda old but Sam Elliot goes on my list too.

  3. Kim;
    I get the Dex thing. That says something about women because he's totally not my "type." I kind of like the tall, lumberjack built, flannel-shirted, jeep driving, unshaven face kind of men, but hey, Dex's personality makes up for not being my type and suddenly he's sexy.

    Gail; I agree about Sam Elliot--2 scoops of double yummy in the heyday! I like a guy who has a little drawl to his voice and would look awesome in a cowboy slicker.

  4. So Wez from The Road Warrior doesn't do it for you? ;)
    And of course, being a guy, I wouldn't call Rutger Hauer "sexy", but he's always been one of my favorite character actors. I was pleased to see him play a "good guy" (in an anti-hero sort of way) in "Wanted- Dead Or Alive".
    And my late aunt was craaazzzy about Rex Harrison! She always referred to him as "Sexy Rexy"!

  5. I like the bad guys too, as evidenced by 90% of the men I've dated, but I think my list would be a little different from yours. I always think Rutger Hauer was his sexiest in Bladerunner and Ralph Fiennes in Red Dragon made me forget he was a serial killer.

  6. Oh yeah, I totally have to agree with your list....Captain Jack Sparrow for sure!

  7. Jack Sparrow is a villain? Bah...good guy all around...whether he intends to be or not. Although he is definitely in his own bizarre way a ladies man, and by far a better pirate then I ever could be...

  8. Good list! (Stephen Dorff was a flipping HOT bad guy wasn't he?) Those bad boys always catch my real life and the movies, sadly. sigh...

    Here's my list: Mark Wahlberg in Fear...Oh baby! I happened to really find Desmond Harrington in Ghost Ship quite attractive. Christian Bale in American Psycho....hubba, hubba. Ditto for Billy Zane in Titanic. (I know his personality sucked, but I almost wanted to shout, "Really Rose? You want to trade in ol' Cal for Jack? WHY? Suck it up and stay with him. He's MUCH better looking!")

    But my all-time sexiest movie bad guy crush is Gerard Butler in Phantom of the Opera...I wouldn't mind being haunted by that phantom!

  9. Courtney I am so with you on American Psycho and Phantom of the Opera. Why wouldn't that silly girl prefer Gerard Butler over that other fellow. Even with half a face he was ten times sexier.

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