Monday, February 15, 2010

Obscure Horror Movie: "Lady Beware!"

It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie review of more obscure ones that you might not have caught. This is a great find if:

1. You always dreamed of living in a converted warehouse in the city
2. You like stalker films
3. You like Diane Lane
4. You always wanted to be a window dresser and live with mannequins
5. The 80s was your era

I love this movie and have it as part of my collection of stalker films. I like stalker films myself because I used to have a stalker and I so enjoy seeing movies where women get to kill them face-to-face (sinister grin).

I also had a dream as a kid of being a window dresser (like Rhoda on Mary Tyler Moore Show) and living in the city in a converted warehouse where I could have a huge open area to rollerskate around my apartment and dress up mannequins as permanent house guests. I wanted to be a quirky Mary Tyler Moore meets boho artist chick. Well, this movie chillingly recreates that scenario.

It’s a classic stalker movie, but really the sex is pretty awesome (with her boyfriend, not the stalker) and plenty of topless Diane Lane (has she ever done a movie not topless?) and a totally cool 80s style fashion statement throughout.

Honestly, very sexy, very tense, very beautifully filmed in Pittsburgh (not a place I usually think of as a fashion center, but a gorgeous filming site that adds to the mood and the industrial feel).

As this is obscure, it may be hard to find. I found it on sale in some places like here and used VHS copies here.

If you liked “P2,” “Lipstick,” or “Someone is Watching Me!” this is your movie. Guys will like it for the sex and nudity, gals will like it for the Mary Tyler Moore meets Cindy Margolis feel (you know, good career girl/naughty career girl).

P.S. Women, will be yelling at how she handles it, but I was stalked for years and I must say they had no stalker laws in the 80s. The cops basically told me the car he drove and to watch out for it and left me to my own devices. So, back in the 80s, this was pretty chillingly realistic.

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