Monday, February 22, 2010

Nox Arcana: Set the Scary Mood

(Above: The Russian film "EVIL" used this Nox Arcana song "Night of the Wolf." YouTube has more Nox Arcana videos to give you a sense of the music.)

Whatever floats your boat… I happen to like dark scary music, it really turns me on. I feel as if I’m in a horror movie with the soundtrack playing as my life is in motion.

I was lucky enough to win a contest at Season of Shadows and received a fantastic CD by Nox Arcana. It had me absolutely hooked! Anyone into horror should know about this music. It’s dark, ambient, creepy, sounds like it should be the background sound for a haunted attraction. It’s moody, very atmospheric, and if these sounds don’t make your hairs stand on end, your nerves are dead. As a writer of horror, this is my #1 favorite. I put it on my laptop and listen to it while I write horror in a dark and scary backyard corner near my newly erected cemetery (pictures will be upcoming as soon as I get the headstones and fencing in). There’s music and sound effects and deep scary voices, chanting children, whimpering…you name it, but it’s also very beautiful to listen to, just soothing and yet eerily haunting. You can pretty much find albums for every time of the year too. I go through phases, so I enjoy it all. I hope to eventually collect all the albums.

Here’s some albums by Nox Arcana (The titles of the album tell you the mood of the collection – they really are compatible).

Shadow of the Raven
Carnival of Lost Souls
Phantoms of the High Seas
Grimm Tales
Winter’s Eve

There’s a ton more of them. I’ve never been let down by any music on these CDs and they have provided me lots of mood and atmosphere for great horror writing inspiration.


  1. I seemed to recall some connection between Nox Arcana and Michelle Belanger, one of the psychics that appears on Paranormal State.

    A quick Yahoo! and I found this ... apparently she does vocals for them sometimes.

    Just a bit of trivia.

  2. Thanks--You know, when I was looking up their music on Amazon to find new albums, they had an album listed by her too. She has her hands in all kinds of spooky things.

  3. Jessica;
    It's the dream music for when you're writing your creepy posts about scary places. I think it's fun to have on the laptop in the hotel room too just for some background music. Sometimes music can entice spirit activity, so you never know...

  4. i love music for everything i do. love to set different moods. i'll check out some of their music.

  5. Sandra;
    Yeah, there's something for every mood. Sometimes I just like background music so I can read and write without distraction and I feel like I'm in a spooky castle when I listen to their stuff.

  6. I love the painting you made. I have a thing for bare tree branches too!Right now my internet connection is not the best so i can't watch the video. But it sounds interesting, tomorrow iwill listen to it. Brightest blessings.

  7. Hi Georgina;
    Hope it's working for you again soon. The movie looks very promising. Thanks for the compliment. My dining room has a vase filled with pebbles and big dead branches from a tree. I have another vase in a corner with very tall bare sticks. I love the way the world looks when the leaves fall away. It's so sculptural.