Saturday, February 13, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch: "Walled In"

Mischa Barton stars in this horror flick. I was bored one evening and put it on thinking the premise sounded interesting. A young female architect is sent to an isolated apartment building designed by an architect obsessed with empowering his building with live people buried in the walls. She’s supposed to evaluate the building and plan how it will be taken down by explosives for demolition.

I was actually sucked into the movie really early on, a good sign. The building is totally creep-o-rama and the tenants who are still there are hiding lots of secrets. If a building can be alive with its history and fueled by the blood of its sacrifices, this movie portrayed it well. I was surprisingly pleased with the movie. I expected to just like it for the spooky building in the middle of nowhere theme, but it ended up having many spooky layers. I sat through the entire thing and that says a lot because I have a low patience threshold for movies that don’t draw me in.

If you liked “Psycho” and “House of Wax,” you’ll enjoy this.

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