Sunday, February 14, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch: "Right At Your Door"

You want an end-of-the-world scenario movie that is very realistic? Want emotional drama and “what would you do if—“situations? How about a feasible plot?

Yeah, this one is definitely a “must watch.” I remember before the movie came out and I heard the premise, I knew I wanted to see this one! I wasn’t disappointed. Very well done. Very realistic.

It’s LA and hubby is at home while wife goes off to work downtown. Then, downtown LA is hit with a slew of dirty bombs. They won’t let people on the streets, so hubby can’t get to wife. He duct tapes the house with plastic as the radio instructs and wife finally comes home, pounding to be let in. Do you let her in? She’s coughing and sickly looking and has come in contact with the ash. When martial law takes over and men in hazardous waste suits and masks are rushing around evaluating the homes, does the couple’s future become even more hazardous?

I liked this one. Well acted. Well scripted. Well paced. Feasible outcomes, believable situation. And, a total bunch of twists and turns at the end.

If you liked “Cloverfield” or “28 Days Later,” you’ll like this one.


  1. Hello. My wv is muglo. The guy in the HazMat suit's mug looks mighty low. LOL! From you, Autumn? This is at least a 4 star Netflix pic, definitely. Gonna stream it to my Mac mañana … Thanks for the heads-up on this ~ (•8-D

  2. You're going to enjoy it. Really made my palms sweat.