Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch Review: "Them"

I figured since a lot of people seem to have Netflix Instant Watch, I’d start reviewing films I’ve seen on there that you can put into your queue and enjoy—or not (depending on how good the movie was). Even if you don’t have Netflix Instant Watch, you might want to check out these movies on your own.

Today’s review is the movie “Them” which takes place in Romania. It has English subtitles. It was touted as being based a true incident of some youths in Europe, but the “true” story is far from this movie.

The gist of the movie is a couple who live in the countryside in a remote estate. One evening, a group of hooded young assailants begin to torment them like a pack of stray dogs. First, their car is stolen, then their lines cut to the house. The torment reaches a fevered pitch. It is truly a tense and atmospheric movie. The setting is ideal. The crazy bad guys are creepy enough to make you want to turn on a light or look behind you. At times, I felt as if I were there being chased with them. It keeps you wondering what you would do.

I give it high scores for the setting. The location was creepy and the big old estate was under renovation, so it created some very nasty dark and scary places to hide. The dark woods were also very eerie, as are the underground tunnels. Yes, this movie takes you to lots of dark places in the human mind and an ancient countryside. Sound was used a good deal to terrify, as it would in a haunted location. The same sort of wonder what and wear the source of the sound is coming from. This movie will keep you wound very tightly. The first 20 minutes are slow but once they start getting tormented, this couple is in for it. There’s not a lot of dialogue at all, so don’t worry about having to read the subtitles.

I have to admit, it was so good on atmosphere and sound effects and background music, that I kept it playing a second time while I worked on my horror writing on my laptop.

This trapped-in-the-house-strangers-tormenting-you theme is similar to these movies; “The Strangers,” “When a stranger calls,” “Labyrinth,” “Black Christmas,” “Halloween.” It’s probably most like “The Strangers” with Liv Tyler.

I promise you, you won’t want to stay home alone after seeing this movie.


  1. Sounds fasinating! Stangers the movie still bothers me. It's always a question I ask when home alone and a stranger comes to the door. Do you open the door? This happened to me it was scary the man was pounding so loud not ringing the bell. I was inside with my youngest. I didn't answer but I stood at the door with a knife. I really thought he was going to break in. He left but I'm prepared now. Sometimes living in rural isolated areas do make the best horror in movies!

  2. Yeah, I gotta admit that's my greatest horror about rural areas. They used to be wonderful places to getaway, but now crooks know they're a wonderful place for a getaway, hence the college girl's body found on a farm in Virginia, a place everyone would have considered absolutely without crime. I had a guy the other day doing the same thing at my door. I made a wooden sign that I burned with a woodburning kit that says "No solicitation ESPECIALLY religious" because we have a lot of Jehovah's and Mormons here and they come in a busload and drop off and pound the doors constantly. Well, it's been in the 70s here, so the windows were open and I was spring cleaning in my kitchen and this guy is ringing the bell and pounding and then has the balls to lean into the screened window and say, "answer your door." I said, "I don't answer my door for anyone." He goes "Hey, I'm a nice black man." (I'm rolling my eyes at this point). "Look, I wouldn't answer the door if you were the good fairy! Leave!" I turned away to clean and he kept bellowing and so I closed the window. I mean, really! It was a Jehovah's. He sent more of his minions every day that week in the same white shirt and black pants and whatever freaking book they use to justify being rude and trying to change people... Well, anyways, I realized at that moment that I'd feel sorry for the guy that would mess with me because as absolutely friendly and warm as I am, if someone crosses a line with me and my personal safety, I'm a bitch on wheels. I've had things happen in the past that can well up a ball of anger and righteousness in my belly when I need it. I was a tomboy and I'm not afraid of ripping someone's eyeballs out--literally--to protect myself. It actually comforted me to recall that inner bitch. I agree--don't answer the door, but let them know people are home. I try not to be too quiet or they think I'm not home and can break in, so I keep a radio going or a TV and let the sign tell them why I didn't answer. It's childish, but us girls have to protect ourselves--the men are not home in the cave 24/7. So, if Strangers freaked you out, this movie will too. It's very similar but the location is so much better. Becca, it's cool having another girl say she doesn't answer the door either. Good girl!

  3. You have 70's you lucky lady! We don't get many solicitors out this way. That would make me insane! The nerve of some people! My heart breaks for the family of the Virgina College Student. She was such a beautiful girl.

  4. The Stranger was very scary and disturbing to be. Those mask strangers were just creepy to say the least. If this movie is like that one, I just may have to watch it but not alone, lol.

  5. this really sounds fascinating
    Autumnforest!! this is going to sound stupid but is netflix instant watch an online thing? or is that just one of those kiosk things? I will definitely find out about it either way -sorry to hear of your troubles with Jehovah's- and other religious fanatics - sheesh my typo was "fantastics" that is one thing they are not!!!!!
    i cant believe- well i can - that someone would be so rude- but that is just crazy even for those types- that is heartbreaking about the Virginia College student -
    all the best in the world to you my friend!!

  6. Hey Dev;
    Well, Netflix is something you can sign up for online. They have different kinds of packages. You can rent two DVDs at a time and pick them online and they mail them to you. Here in Phoenix--it's extremely fast! When you mail them back (they give you envelopes) they sometimes register they got them the same day and sometimes they register the next day and they immediately send our your next 2 choices. If you have a Playstation 2 system or you have Roku unit (about 79.99) you can watch instant movies on that. You go online and pick out from thousands of movies to put in your queue and watch them any time you want. I absolutely love it. We have the 2 DVD unlimited package which is like 13.99 or something like that a month and basically I can go insane watching all I want and even TV shows. I totally love it. I used to spend that much at a video store one Friday renting a couple movies. I highly recommend it. I have had zero problems with it. It's made my life so easy. The only drawback is new releases. They take a long time until they have enough in for you to watch. Since you can hold the DVDs as long as you want, the new movies can take forever. I'm still waiting to see Paranormal Activity and the Hangover...

  7. Watch best horror movie "Them" and see some more upcoming movie trailers.

  8. HAHAHAH! I mentioned this movie in my comment on your other post about what movie would you do something in and didn't even know you did this write up until I started scrolling through. (Because, surprise, surprise, I'm behind again!) Funny. It always cracks me up to see we're on the same wavelength so much.