Thursday, February 11, 2010

Netflix Instant Watch: "The Haunting of Winchester House"

Yesterday was my day off and a nice drizzly day, so I finished my chores, worked on a new piece of art work entitled “Séance.” It is a Ouija board with the planchette glued down over the word “yes,” a melted candle stub, a vintage watch and vintage photo. This will make a very cool wall hanging. I need to think if there’s any other touches I have left that I want to do, like perhaps a handerchief, but I’m liking the direction it’s going. When it’s done, I’ll get a picture of it. While taking a break in the darkened house, I put on a Netlfix Instant Watch “The Haunting of Winchester House.”

I admit I’ve avoided this movie even though they rated it high for my preferences, but I’ve never really found the Winchester House to be particularly scary. I’m glad I made myself sit through it. Ignore the godawful “miniature set” at the opening of the movie and the “made-for-tv” feel of it. Just keep watching. It does get better about 10 minutes in.

If you like haunted house movies, you will not be disappointed. It’s of the acting/scripting/effects level of made-for-tv, so don’t except super great creepy soundtrack or emoting by the actors that is authentic, but it’s still a haunted house movie and since there are so few on the market (why is that?), it’s worth the watch. Much of it is predictable and contrite, but if you want to spend a little over an hour in a haunted house setting, enjoy!

If you liked “A Haunting in Connecticut” and “Rose Red,” this movie has a very similar feel.


  1. i've always been interested in the winchester house...i'd love to be able to go & just wander all over it!!

  2. ...and, BTW, that art work sounds creepy, & distubing...& you KNOW i love that!!

  3. I have to admit, that place would be awesome to just spend time finding all the quirky dead ends and such. It's scary to think of how many dangerous places it has. As someone who's a big supporter of feng shui rules, I think that she was onto something, except by my estimation, the house actually should have held the ghosts in and kept them trapped with no clear ways in and out.

  4. Sounds like my kind of movie! I'll have to check it out! :)

  5. Becca; It is a real haunted house movie with lots of haunting, so it's definitely a watch in the dark kind of video.