Netflix Instant Watch: "Dead Snow" ZOMBIE BEST!

Ever since “Let the Right One In,” “Frostbiten,” and “Sauna,” I’ve become addicted to Scandinavian horror. Maybe its in my Norwegian/Sami/Swedish blood, but I totally get the way they make movies. So, when Netflix Instant Watch popped a new on in the instant watch, I had to put it in my queue on my day off.

“Dead Snow” is about a group of Norwegian friends who get the scariest lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway to a snowy town in the mountains where the party is interrupted by throngs of Nazi zombies who once occupied the area.

Scandinavian horror and Nazi zombies? Holy heck!

The group is actually a nice fresh group of friends who aren’t your usual nubile buxom babes and muscle-bound self-absorbed young men. Instead, they seem like they’d actually be friends in real life. It takes a while to go through the usual establishing of characters and their relationships but it’s actually interesting in such a beautiful setting. Now, once the action begins, it pounds you!

The cinematography is (as in all Scandinavian horror) striking and unique. The zombies themselves are the most bad-ass zombies of all time and fast on foot as they rush around in the snowy scene in their WWII uniforms.

The movie is definitely a lesson in the fact you don’t really need to be carrying weapons to kill zombies. One extremely original scene of zombies eating a person was filmed through the person’s perspective as she’s being eaten. The lineup of zombie soldiers in uniform along a ridge of snowy mountains was chilling and totally exhilarating! There’s just something about blood and snow!

Favorite line in the movie? When one of the guys in the cabin gets a call out to 9-1-1, he says they’re being attacked by what looks like WWII soldiers and the operator hangs up on him. He tells his buddy and his buddy says, “Of course she hung up on you. It sounds like you’ve smoked your underpants.”

I’m telling the zombie lovers that the final killing scene in a big snowy field with the Nazi soldiers running toward the survivors is totally wicked fun with a kicking soundtrack. It’s all the zombie killing you dream of! This is perhaps a bit more of a guy zombie movie, but since I’m a tomboy at heart, I totally enjoyed it! It does not get more hardcore than this—it’s a man’s fantasy zombie movie.

For creative ways to kill a zombie—this movie gets a 10 out of 10! In fact, I confidently say that the final fight is the single best zombie/human slaughter ever filmed!

I’d say if you liked “The Evil Dead” and “Dog Soldiers,” you’ll enjoy this one. This will be added to my collection!


  1. Grahh!!! I've been wanting to watch this forever and it just now came out on Netflix instant watch! I'm starting to regret my membership resignation.

  2. Grim--you poor baby! Yeah, this is a MUST-SEE/MUST-OWN. Holy crap! I think any man would be like "this is the zombie movie I've been waiting for forever!" I'd suggest buying it right out and don't even rent. Yeah, I know you'll love it! I can't wait to see it again. I left it in the queue because the fight scenes are so amazing! I'm following that director!

  3. … erm … uhm … maybe I shouldn't've volunteered this information, Autumn, but my maternal great-uncle, an engineer in the German troops of the 3rd Reich, had got his head blown off by the Russians at the face-off @ Stalingrad, the absolute worst-planned offensive hit staged by the Nazis. See that one ever? ~ (•8-0

  4. I love to rattle the family skeletons. I've never seen that--now I'm intrigued. I gotta admit, after watching this movie and being very hardcore at the movies I can tolerate, I get a weird feeling I'm going to have snowbound nazi zombies in my dreams tonight.

  5. LOL! … nah … you won't … but what about the so-call'd Nazi Ghost that the Norwegian Black Metal & Dark Ambient musician, Varg Vikernes, writes of? Interesting POV, that. That still haunts the continent, let alone the dreams of a select few ~ (•8-0

  6. You are always the wise one--how do you store all that info? Your mind must be endless. You are the go-to guy for all things interesting and macabre!

  7. I saw the preview for this one but haven't gotten a chance to see it. It looks wonderful. Now that it is on Netflix instant watch I'll turn on the Xbox and go to town.

  8. Jessica;
    Hope you're okay with gore. It was brilliantly filmed and extremely creative.

  9. what a great idea. i am always throwing away broken wind chimes but not anymore!

  10. WOOOOHOOOO! I've been waiting and waiting for it to get released on Netflix. Just saw your post tonight about it so moved it up in my queue to number 1. Heard it was awesome. so excited I can finally see it!!!!! Good thing you're so hip on Netflix. You're my Netflix go-to girl!

  11. Hey Court;
    I no doubt will have more. We had a rainy chilly weekend and so I was able to catch up on some more horror. It's going to be in the mid 70s and sunny all week, so I'll be gardening instead. :-)


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